DiWHY? When to Hand It to the Professionals

There comes a time when you must give up on a project and hand it over to a professional. Those times when you took on a project too big or cornered yourself because you’ve exhausted your resources or skills. It’s a little demoralizing – since you wanted to see the task to completion – but it sure beats having it half-finished (knowing you probably won’t get around to it for some time).

If you’d ever want to see the results of DIY projects gone bad then look no further than Reddit’s DiWHY.

It quickly becomes apparent that planning wasn’t the strong suit with many DIYers. It’s not only about having the project half-finished but also that, depending on what’s being done, it could be a potential danger to your home and family.

Dangers Lurking in the DIY

These dangers in DIY can come about with:

·  Electrical rewiring

·  Plumbing

·  Foundation repair

Projects involving these items may start off seemingly easy by following the tutorials or manual but those untrained and amateur could make costly mistakes. Electrical work, especially, isn’t something to fool around with since it has the potential to electrocute or cause fires. Plumbing is no joke because a burst pipe could cost thousands in repairs. You could only image what could happen once someone starts messing around with the foundation!

Let’s Talk about DIY Renovations

This goes the same with renovations.

People take on these reno projects under good intentions (improving home values and quality of life changes) and to save some money. Materials and labor can get costly if you’re in certain areas of the country such as living in San Francisco or New York City. Yet, while some of these DIYers are cutting corners and saving a few bucks they’re damaging their home value because they aren’t always doing the reno up to code and with the required permits.

GK+B, professionals of kitchen remodeling in San Francisco, sums it up perfectly:

“As much as all contractors and designers would love to be able to magically know what is behind your walls, it’s just not always possible. No matter how much experience your contractor may have, walls may hold secrets that only come to surface during the demolition phase in a remodel.”

Are you prepared to take on the additional work if something is amiss when redoing the kitchen? Chances are that’s a ‘no’ and this leads to thousands of extra dollars spent trying to fix mistakes.

Good Times for the DIY

This isn’t all about knocking at the DIY route.

There are plenty of instances where the home owner can save money and resources if they do it themselves, without too much trouble or need for experience.

These items would include:

·  Revamping the yard

·  Replacing a door

·  Laying tile or carpet

·  Painting

·  Adding storage space

It all comes down to the time vs money equation. There are good renovation projects to do on your own and there are bad ones. If you run the numbers and have a realistic outlook on your capabilities, you can find that sweet spot of whether it’s more economical to DIY or hire a professional. That’s smart thinking.

It’s Up to You

Take some caution whenever you get excited about DIY ideas for the home. These are neat projects to undertake but aren’t always best suited for every individual. Some of us are just not good at DIY projects in all honesty. Sure, the projects would be fun and beneficial, but if they’re going to cost you more money and trouble than you’re ready for, then it’s perhaps time to call in the professionals.


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