Designer Evans Lee’s IFC F52 Office in Guangzhou, China

Project: Guangzhou IFC Tower – F52 Office
Architects: Evans Lee
Location: Guangzhou International Finance Center, China
Area: 7,104 sf
Photographs by: K&J Vision

F52 Office by Evans Lee

For a company, office space is the most powerful language to show its strength and brand image. The best office space should focus on the ideal integration of life and work, as well as increasing the openness and enjoyment of the space. It serves as a platform to cultivate a state of daily life, share work and daily routines, extend a meaningful lifestyle, and stabilize employees and maintain efficient output while driving collaboration when customers visit.

Evans Lee Design’s new self-use office in 2020 was selected on the 52nd floor of Guangzhou International Finance Center, located in the core prosperous area of Guangzhou CBD – Zhujiang New Town. Covering an area of over 600 square meters, it consists of four parts: art gallery, meeting room, office area, and founder’s office, meeting the needs of the design team for efficient office work, social entertainment, etc. As a rising star in the interior design industry, Evans Lee has implemented his concept of “comprehensive space and spontaneous interaction” in this design, realizing a modern minimalist office space with openness, freedom and efficiency.

Perfect spatial fluidity can bring efficient work communication, and also extend the unconscious interest in daily life. Referring to the Suzhou gardens where people and nature coexist harmoniously, Evans Lee has given each functional area a smooth flowing line to achieve continuity of penetration, which makes people feel the pleasure of touring.

The soul of the office space lies in the natural integration of art into life. Entering the art corridor, an abstract city painting hangs on the white wall, forming a colorful experience corridor through the mirror. Reflected by the portrait of a crowd of people, it is like a group of creative people marching forward with enthusiasm in a bustling city, interesting and inspiring.

Turning right into the reception area, the open space creates a relatively relaxed and comfortable reception area; it also functions as a meeting room to meet daily office needs, and is at the center of the office, connecting the staff office with the founder’s office, improving the efficiency of work communication and expanding the effective utilization of space.

The core of office design is to make the “void space”. A small amount of color is used to break down limitations, create fun and efficiency, and give people a sense of “chilling vibe”. Evans Lee insists on minimalist design, using only black and white in the space to outline a sense of cleanliness, and a small amount of bright colors to accent the vitality of the space, thus strengthening the user’s perception, and simultaneously enhancing the interaction with people and the space to achieve a comfortable state for each other.

After exploring how to enhance interaction in space in several private residential projects, Evans Lee realized that the openness, flow and interactivity of space are connected and have a strong intrinsic correlation. With this in mind, Evans Lee focuses on the interaction between work and communication, open and private spaces, with a human-centered approach. This allows for a free environment that enhances communication and interaction, which in turn increases productivity, while still having human touch and life flavor that appropriately allow employees the freedom to reconstruct their work environment.

Focusing on the design and research of modern minimalism for many years, in the design of office space, Evans Lee Design can accurately grasp corporate needs, customize the space to fit corporate culture and personality, and pursue the ultimate space experience by considering multiple dimensions such as function, aesthetics and budget. This design is a redefinition of office space. To meet the company’s development demands, the team dutifully explores the infinite possibilities of design and takes forward-looking design thinking to combine office needs with living conditions to meet the work and life of employees. At the same time, it highlights the company’s culture and characteristics, enhances the space experience in terms of layout, details and leisure and entertainment, creating a modern office environment that is people-oriented, free and comfortable.

-Project description and images provided by Evans Lee



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