DD House by Hoang Vu Architect + SALA Landscape & Architecture in Vietnam

Project: DD House
Hoang Vu Architect + SALA Landscape & Architecture
Area: 1,280 sf
Photographs by: Tô Nguyễn

DD House by Hoang Vu Architect + SALA Landscape & Architecture

The DD House is a multi-generational home in Vietnam that prioritizes natural ventilation and light. The design features a central space surrounded by private bedrooms that connects to a small intervale garden, acting as a ventilation corridor. The dining and recreation rooms are designed for interaction with the garden, creating a dynamic area for family activities.

The focus is on a “Journey to space” experience, with extended distances between bedrooms for exploration and different senses of architecture and lighting along the stair paths and corridors. The goal is to harmonize with the local context and express new ideas about spatial configuration.

This project is a dwelling of a three-generation-family. It is located in a quiet residential area. The house needs to be ventilated to make the most of the surrounding air. The architect always wants to bring the client not only a convenient residence but also an experience of space, light, and wind.

Through a narrow corridor to go into the inner house, it opens a continuous space along a horizontal and vertical axis of the building core, which is surrounded by private bedrooms separating inside and outside of the house. In order to take advantage of natural conditions, the chain of spaces from the living room to the dining room and the kitchen is connected with a small extended intervale garden as a ventilation corridor that provides fresh air and sunlight for whole space, which makes the partition is just a relative element. This is an essential point in the context of cities in humid tropical climate zone.

The core space becomes a dynamic area that contains many different activities of family members at the same time. They can work on their own or communicate with each other whenever they want. The dining and recreation rooms are fully functional for working, playing while enjoying the green courtyard. The dining table is designed straight to increase interaction between common space and nearby inner garden. It makes people feel the change of the weather through natural light, wind and even raindrops.

The design focuses on a “Journey to space” experience. Therefore, the distance between bedrooms is extended to users can explore on foot. Along stair paths and corridors, there are different senses of architecture and lighting opened. Finally, with this project, we want to express new ideas about spatial configuration harmonizing with the local context.

SALA Landscape & Architecture


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