Crystal Home Decor – A Unique Way To Decorate Your Home

Gems, crystals and stones are known to improve the energy that is circulating in and around your home which gives them a lot of potential to be used as pieces of the decor of your home. But what does this mean? Well, it means that your mood can be improved by a little bit thanks to the correct choice and placement of certain crystals and gems. Then why are we not using these items more commonly in our homes? Why indeed?

“There has been a rising trend in homeowners and renters finding inspiration in fossils, minerals and gem materials when decorating their homes. Diamonds have always been fascinating to many, and crystal evokes this in home decor. Picture frames, chandeliers, mirrors and candle holders frequently come in rock crystal and clear glass accents, and add a beautiful diamond-like look to the home an an affordable price,” says Michael Lebowitz, Director of Jewelry of WP Diamonds.

Welcome to this new collection in which we are going to show you some ideas about how you can use crystals to decorate your home with. First off, you need to know that most of the ideas that you are going to see below are actually things that have been handmade by people who’ve taken up crafting as their hobby. What this means is that you too can roll your sleeves up, grab some crafting tools and supplies and end up with a free decoration for your home.

Just a quick example, have you ever thought that the glass that you are not using to drink from can become a glamorous crystal candle holder that will dazzle your guests? Probably not. Well the ideas that you will see below are very similar. Enjoy!

Crystal Candle Holders


Mid-century crystal chandelier

Minimalist Clear Quartz Wall Hanging Crystal Dream Catcher

Crystal Cake Stand

Champagne Unity Candles

Crystal Candle Holder

Crystal Candle Votive

Crystal Garland

Glass Crystal Strands

Champagne Chandelier Crystal Garland

Vintage Crystal Waterfall Table Lamp

Hanging Crystal Garland

vintage French crystal lamp


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