CRN House by Alp’Architecture Sàrl in Volleges, Switzerland

Project: CRN House
Alp’Architecture Sàrl
Volleges, Switzerland
Area: 1,560 sf
Photographs by:
Christophe Voisin

CRN House by Alp’Architecture Sàrl

The CRN House, designed by Alp’Architecture Sàrl, is located in Volleges, Switzerland, offering stunning views of the valley of Entremont. The house features living spaces on the ground floor, with the living room having a double-height ceiling showcasing the exposed framework. To maximize usable space, the carport and technical room are situated outside the main volume.

The first floor houses the bedrooms and a mezzanine with a balcony overlooking the living area. The house boasts three terraces, each providing unique qualities of space and sunlight, allowing for outdoor extensions of the common areas. Despite time and cost limitations, the construction was completed in just eight months. The local regulations requiring a combination of wood and masonry on the facades inspired the architects to find innovative ways to blend these materials, deviating from conventional approaches.

Built on the fringe of the village of Vollèges, Wallis, Switzerland, this house benefits an amazing view on the valley of Entremont.

The living spaces are all located on the ground floor and the and the living room has a double height under the apparent framework. A car-port and the technical room are located outside of the main volume to maximize the usable space. The rooms and a mezzanine with a balcony on the living are located on the first floor. Three terraces, all offering various qualities of space and sunshine allow to offer outside extensions to all the common spaces.

Compelled by a restraint time and costs limitation, the construction only lasted eight months. The local regulations imposing the use of wood and masonry with an equal share on the facades lead to the a reflection on the way to combine these two materials while avoiding the well-known models.

Alp’Architecture Sàrl


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