Create A Good Shade In Your Terrace/Garden

After-meals, snacks, and all the good times of summer need protection from the sun. An easy and versatile way to create a comfortable corner is a sail awning. We tell you everything you need to know.

The arrival of good weather invites us to enjoy the terrace or the garden. We know that the sun is very good for a while, but then you have to take cover. An economical, resistant, and practical solution is a sail awning. Today we show you a collection for each type of climate and according to your tastes. And also, a very decorative solution.

What is a sail awning?

You have probably already seen them in bar terraces, patios, beach bars, and other spaces that need shelter from the sun. They offer high protection and are a thermal barrier to reduce the sensation of heat. There are squares and triangles to choose from according to your taste and the space to be covered.

How to choose the best sail awning?

Before purchasing your sail awning, you must take into account the orientation and size of the area you want to cover. If you have a south-facing terrace, you will have intense sun during the middle of the day and many more hours. The north and east orientations need protection in the morning and the west in the afternoon.

Breathable sail awnings

The weather is also important. If you live in an area with a dry climate and high temperatures, the ideal is breathable models that provide freshness. They are perfect for patios and terraces very exposed to high temperatures, with many hours of sun.

There are models

What installation and care does a sail awning need?

Nortene sail awnings are easy to install. They have rings at the ends and can be attached to walls, trees, or posts. Remember to always place it with a slight incline in case it rains, to prevent it from retaining water. Its maintenance and cleaning are simple, basically with soap and water.

that allow hot air to escape, blocks ultraviolet rays, and ensures freshness in the shaded area. Die-cut models such as Sahara allow greater passage of light and provide a very decorative touch. With these awnings, the wind is not a problem because, precisely, they let the air circulate. Of course, with breathable models, you should watch what you put underneath when it rains.


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