Cozy Touches That Would Make Any Bedroom Dreamy

It’s fall, and that means the weather is starting to get colder. We are putting away the summer clothes and reaching for our plushy sweaters and fuzzy socks. It’s an absolutely beautiful time of year, but aside from making you want to reach for a nice mug of hot apple cider, it also makes you want to transition your cool sleeping oasis into the coziest, most comfortable haven to whether the coming cold. Here are some design tips that you can implement to create a cozy bedroom fit for warm dreams the whole season through.


A Fire Place

Not an option for everyone, but anyone who does have the option should definitely use it. There is almost nothing cozier than curling up in front of a crackling fire. A fireplace adds instant warmth and charm to a room, making you want to lounge and linger.


Exceptional Bedding

Of course, a bedroom is all about the bed, so the first thing to do is invest in an exceptionally soft mattress. You’ll need one that balances comfort, coolness, and the perfect amount of support, but finding a company that has all those things is relatively simple when browsing online. Furthermore, you can also see what others think about new mattresses before buying. After this, you could then cover it in luxurious linens and the most comfortable bedding that you can find. We personally recommend real down, as it feels like you are being wrapped in a soothing hug. Pile on the pillows and add a warm, textured throw for the pièce de résistance that will make you want to crawl in and never come out of your bed again.


Area Rug or Carpet

Including a nice area rug under the bed will add instant warmth to the room, while also providing a soft place for your feet to land in the morning, saving them from making contact with a harshly cold floor. Alternatively, a fully-carpeted room can also up the warmth and cozy factor.


Soft Colors and Understated Textures

Using soft colors, especially warm, natural and muted tones, creates the calming, sleep-inducing effect that everyone wants to achieve in a bedroom. Further juxtaposing them with relaxing textures or patterns can create a really calming and cozy contrast that is wonderfully inviting. From throw pillows to throw covers, or even rugs and curtains; there are many ways to introduce texture and calming color accents into your comfortable refuge.


Exposed Elements

Exposed brick or wooden ceiling beams help to make the place feel lived in and homey. Not to mention that it can make the place feel like a rustic cottage, which when paired with the perfect complementary décor, is a recipe for cuddling up and sleeping in.


Although, the problem with creating such a comfortable space is that you will never want to leave it. Nevertheless, however difficult it may be to get up and get out, we think that being greeted by such a warm haven at the end of a cold, long day is the best way to enjoy fall and the winter ahead.


Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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