Countryside Villa by MIDE Architects in Montebelluna, Italy

Project: Countryside Villa
Architects: MIDE Architects
Location: Montebelluna, Italy
Area: 2,045 sf
Photographs by: Claudia Nalesso

Countryside Villa by MIDE Architects

MIDE Architects, a Venetian studio, has designed the Countryside Villa located within the beautiful landscapes of Montebelluna, Italy. As the name of the project suggests, the inspiration for this residence came from the spectacular landscapes that can be found in the province of Treviso. This contemporary villa is fully immersed in the surrounding landscape, using heterogeneous materials that play a significant role in its presentation.

The building is located near Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso.

The design idea results from the will to valorize the existing context, gently immerging the new house into the greenery: two parallel lines identify the base and the flat roof, protecting in between the ‘dwelling box’. The idea of timber cladding provides the projects with a high degree of integration with the surrounding environment and, with the use of wide glazed openings, allows a tangible continuity and uninterrupted relation with the vast park that belts the parcel.

High visual permeability and generous contributions of natural light feature the interior spaces of the construction. The architectural circuit develops horizontally within a single deck: North block hosts the living area, the kitchen, two bedrooms with respective bathrooms and a laundry room; in the South one have been placed a studio and a pool hall required by the client.

The extremely simplicity of the plan contributes in radically improving the functionality, optimizing the available surface and reducing that of corridors, in favor of the more important areas of the house.

The use of heterogeneous materials such as reinforced concrete, timber and plaster play a significant role in highlighting the volumetric purity of the new house.

MIDE Architects


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