Cosy protagonist of the sleeping area – high quality and innovation out of Italy

Cosy strengthens its presence abroad with a series of projects for the sleeping area characterized by innovation and high quality combined with a manufacturing process typical of the best Italian design. The Cosy collections stand out for their extreme versatility and for a series of refined combinations of unusual and rare materials. The multi-purpose compositional solutions, signed by Cosy, become original furnishings characterized by a strong personalization, thanks to the company’s flexibility, in perfect harmony with the international market trends.

The international market will be overseen exclusively by Fabiano Pianigiani, who, with over twenty years of experience in internal and international collaboration, has created Cosy to enhance the image and improve customer service. Amongst the numerous night-zone furnishing proposals for sleeping areas, Cosy is proud to present the Butterfly and Charmant collections.

The Butterfly collection stems from an innovative concept: materials themselves characterize the doors, creating individuality, and allow the freedom to choose from different sensations. The forms come to life thanks to the mix of wood, glass, mirrors, eco-leather and marble, creating beautiful, customizable, and unexpected encounters. Interiors provide a wide variety of options and create a different feeling for each wardrobe based on your choice: the classic wooden colour, the space expanding mirror, the warm eco leather, the backlit light panel that shines on clothes and objects.
Unique bedroom elements were created to make such atmospheres possible and allow you to continue in the bedroom your personal interior design style.

Charmant is a collection that plays a full appreciation of beauty. It creates atmospheres which express our way of being and shining elegance, unique and unrepeatable. Elements are in precious
materials, which enhance the senses. Each of them changes according to our desires, like in a kaleidoscope with wonderful reflections. Forms and combinations of materials are various, dimensions of the wardrobe are multiple. So wardrobes and night elements characterize our living spaces, becoming integral and precious in our world.


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