Colored Bathtub: 15 Trendy Options That Will Catch Your Eye

Bathtubs in color has become a popular trend in the spatial arrangement again. They inject freshness, creativity and courage in the space. Moreover, to achieve the effect, it does not need a completely new bathtub because you can use the old one, just re-paint it in any other color. Hence this design becomes the “Do It Yourself” project that does not require you to be design expert. Whether you will select a new or an old bathtub, the bathroom will be anything other than plain and dull.

You can also freely experiment with the range of colors and create any style in your bathroom, with bathtub in any color. Rustically corner with bath painted in brown or dark green color and wooden elements, will intimate romantic idyll, with a bathtub in delicate and bright pink or beige shades, you will get exotic oasis with strong tones, and elegant sophisticated bathroom, with gray, white or black bathtub. There are so many creative ideas, you only need to choose your favorite one. Take a look in our fascinating collection and make your choice!


Image via Jill Tate


Image via Eric Roth


Image via Alexandra Crafton


Tags: bathroom ideas, bathtub design, colored bathtub

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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