Coexistence of Aesthetics and Function: Ekin-I House

Project: Ekin-I House
Architects: Mimark Architecture
Location: Istanbul,  Turkey
Photographs by: Courtesy of Mimark Architecture

Ekin-I House by Mimark Architecture

Function is as important as aesthetics in architecture. Creating living spaces in the buildings you have created that will feel like they belong there, adopt them and live with their users over the years depends on the creativity and solution-oriented nature of the architects.

It is felt that this view dominates the design of the four-storey villa belonging to Güngör Koca and his extended family from Kemer Country Houses located in Istanbul. The house, which has been completely renovated and redesigned for a large family, has been designed by Mimark Architecture in line with the needs of the homeowners, keeping true to the original architecture of Kemer Country.

In the project, which includes the feeling of being in a ‘summer house’ for four seasons, the majority of the garden, which has been completely renovated with different elevations is covered with grass. Corners, transition areas and walking paths are animated with plants, while a high viewing terrace has been prepared in the garden adjacent to the golf club, both to watch the sunset and to act as a curtain for the pool section. A small summer house is positioned right next to the pool, which will make it enjoyable for the family to spend time outdoors in the summer months. This area, which has a large living area and a large open-air kitchen, offers the opportunity to rest and renew. The landscaping and garden arrangement surrounding all these areas also reinforces the ambiance, and when you enter the house from the garden, a perfect combination of classic and country style greets you.

Founder Architect Kaan Kutsal Alkan and his team started by returning to the original architecture of Kemer Country, as the previous owners of the house changed the architecture. Afterwards, they aimed to adapt the interior to the demands of the homeowners. “It is important for us to return to Kemer Country’s original details, namely its classical architecture. When we entered the house, we first wanted to keep this ambiance alive. We love to reinterpret the original architecture and create elegant and stylish living spaces. In doing so, we prioritize the needs of homeowners. Our priority here has been to ensure that each member of the family of eight can feel comfortable in every part of the house. For this reason, the furniture was designed specifically for the project. While reinterpreting the existing architecture, we enriched the decoration with interior architectural details. Classic and modern at some points, country at some points. We brought together the classical style.” Architect Kaan Kutsal Alkan describes the design process of the house.

The wide entrance hall is covered with marble-like ceramic tiles. Reflecting the calm but elegant look of Italian Calacatta marble on the floor, the tiles extend towards the living room and kitchen on the ground floor. Lighting hanging from the top floor to the hall made the attractive appearance of the hall and the upwardly curved stairs even more eye-catching. The hall, which is divided into four sections; It has a spacious, bright and elegant appearance.

Specially designed shelves that act as a sort of separator are used to separate the living room from the section where the dining table is located. Similar to these shelves, you can also use the seating area personalized by partitioning. While black, plum, gold and gray tones are combined in the decoration, the main sitting area is centered on the fireplace in the living room, which is animated with wall-hung paintings and accessories placed on the shelves. Comfort is the priority in the hall, which is divided into three different sections.

In another living area on the ground floor, namely the kitchen, the main idea was to create a comfortable space. The kitchen, which has a large island unit and specially designed cabinets, is accompanied by the lush green landscape of the garden. In the kitchen, as in the living room, different colors are brought together. The lacquered island unit, designed in gray and pink tones, is combined with country style bone colored cabinets.

-1 under the entrance due to the elevation difference. The television room, which is located on the first floor and is thought to be a kind of continuation of the living room, is dominated by gray, black and green tones. This floor, which also includes the guest bedroom and bathroom, has a bright and spacious appearance thanks to the correct use of colors, despite the level difference and small windows.

The upper floors are reserved for the parent and child bedrooms. A large sitting area is placed at the entrance of the master bedroom on the second floor. Opening to the balcony with garden and golf club views, this sitting area has the master bedroom on the left side, while on the right side there are two bedrooms and a bathroom for the use of these bedrooms.

In the master bedroom, different from the rest of the house, dark blue and beige tones are preferred here. The bedroom, which is completed with a large dressing room, also has a large bathroom. Unlike the parquet used in the bedrooms, marble-like ceramic tiles are used in all of the bathrooms. “There are two floors above the entrance. Since we are renovating the house for a large family, we had to consider the comfort of each individual in the house separately. Therefore, our aim is; with useful living space while returning to the original architecture.

-Project description and images provided by Mimark Architecture


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