Clearly South Florida’s Best Window Cleaning

When it comes to top-notch residential window cleaning service, Palm Beach County boasts SoFlaScrubbers, the nation’s most thorough window, gutter, and solar panel cleaner without a doubt.

Residential Window Cleaning Service Palm Beach County

For one thing, SoFlaScrubbers  does residential Window Cleaning in Palm Beach and they use a unique 5-step process that is guaranteed to get your windows as clean as they’ve ever been. Not only will your windows appear “invisible,” but they’ll add to the overall attractiveness of your building or house. As is commonly noted by real estate experts, perfectly clean windows add value, while dirty windows subtract value from any structure.

SoFlaScrubbers, unlike the huge majority of other window-cleaning firms, takes care of both the interior and exterior surfaces of the all windows. That is just part of the secret to making every pane of glass sparkle as if it just came from the factory.

Because South Florida Scrubbers uses only non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning products, there is never any negative effect on people, pets or plants after the service is performed. And environmentally sound products also help keep groundwater safe and pure, which is not the case with companies that use harsh chemicals and bleaches on windows.

The Very Best, Sorbo Squeegees

Another ingredient in the SoFlaScrubbers perfect window-cleaning system is the use of Sorbo squeegees. Long considered the premier squeegee manufacturer, Sorbo squeegees allow for a deeper, more comprehensive level of dust and dirt removal from any window surface. The inventor of this unique tool, Sorbo Samuelsson, designed the specialized squeegee so that it cleans evenly and thoroughly. Professional window cleaners know that Sorbo products are the very best available, and that’s why SoFlaScrubbers uses nothing but this highly-acclaimed piece of equipment.

With prices starting at just $10 per window, SoFlaScrubbers is able to offer the highest level of professionalism to any business or home owner that wants their windows to look like new.

Gutters and Solar Panels Too

In addition to windows, SoFlaScrubbers takes care of gutters and solar panels, making sure that gutters stay debris-free and solar panels are able to receive maximum sunlight after removal of dust and dirt. Most Floridians know that gutters should be cleaned out at least twice per year, in the Spring and Fall. Those are the times when dirt and leaf buildup can prevent free flow of water and allow for mold growth.

SoFlaScrubbers has all the best tools for keeping gutters totally free of debris. We even make sure that downspouts are unimpeded and let water flow freely. Homeowners understand the value of gutters that operate properly. That’s why SoFlaScrubbers has made gutter cleaning one of the key parts of their company’s mission.

Finally, those who own solar panels have probably heard energy expert note that dirt and debris can lower a system’s energy capture by at least 25 percent. There’s no reason to lose out on maximum sun power. Let SoFlaScrubbers take care of your solar panels with purified, ionized water. That allows the panels to take in 100 percent of the sunlight that lands on their surface, which is what energy savings is all about.

SoFlaScrubbers also known as South Florida Scrubbers is the only company that offers the highest level of cleaning service for all three residential needs: gutters, windows, and solar panels.


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