Cientocinco House by JAMStudio Arquitectos and Ivanna Cresta in Cordoba, Argentina

Project: Cientocinco House
Architects: JAMStudio arquitectos, Ivanna Cresta
Location: Cordoba, Argentina
Area: 3,293 sf
Photographs by: Gonzalo Viramonte

Cientocinco House by JAMStudio Arquitectos and Ivanna Cresta

The Cientocinco House is a beautiful contemporary residence located in the northwestern part of Cordba, Argentina. Its design is the result of a collaborative work between JAMStudio Arquitectos and Ivanna Cresta.
One of the most appealing features of the Cientocinco House is its location which gives it access to exclusive panoramic views of the San Martin Nature Reserve and its spectacular landscapes. The design of this residence is based around this and it features plenty of large glass surfaces that tend to make the most out of the location.

The house is located in the Northwest sector of the city of Córdoba. With an exclusive view of the San Martin Nature Reserve, and a geographical situation of ravines that add breadth to the landscape, the site speaks for itself.

In the pre-project stage, it was already easy to identify which were the “untouchable” points when drawing the first lines. The interesting thing arose when recognizing that they had opposite intentions. The visuals from the front suggest an extroverted house, while a Quebracho implanted in the middle of the lot promotes to generate a floor plan where all its environments incite to appreciate it.

The house has a “base” of concrete, where steel profiles are supported to hold a white volume that looks to the environment through a large window in Pinotea. In every detail Pinotea is present, and its interior is no exception. Wood cladding and wood furnitures prodives a warmth ambience that contrasts with the cold of concrete and steel.

A set of trees at the bottom of the site and an unfavorable orientation, were reasons to propose the pool on the front of the plot. Playing with a landscaping in its maximum expression, it was possible to generate the privacy of a garden without breaking visuals, even though it is a few meters from the street.

-JAMStudio arquitectos


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