Christmas Looks Great on The Porch!

The tree on the porch? And why not? This is what the owners of this house must have thought. And what a great idea! With such a porch, who wants to shut up Christmas at home?

Not GPS, not Google Maps, not the stars. Santa Claus will not need any help to find this house on the most magical night of the year. The lanterns, luminous garlands, and candles that dress this porch will guide your steps to the door … or the fireplace! And is it that this house, with its ornate entrance, doesn’t seem like something out of a Christmas story?

When night falls, this Cantabrian house transforms. Starting with the porch that, little by little, as if it were stretching from the long day, comes to life with a lot of light. The first to wake up are the lights at the entrance, with their candles and candles that mark the way and give the warmest of welcomes to the guests. It doesn’t take long for the lights on the porch to join the party, with the luminous garland that dresses the tree and the flickering sparkles of the candles that surround this space surrounded by nature. With such an environment, it’s no wonder that Christmas has moved to the porch this year!

And it is precisely nature that plays a leading role in Christmas decoration, which has not wanted to turn its back on its postcard environment. On the contrary, he has invited you to the party! Centerpieces made with branches, pinecones, and red berries; wooden tree decorations, and funny candle holders, also made of wood, in the shape of a birdhouse.

This nod to its surroundings has been accompanied by lighting in its warmest nuance that seeks to surround a porch that, through its glass walls, seems to extend outside. The floor lamp with its fabric shade that dyes the light golden, the countless candles scattered around the porch or the tree garland, with amber sparkles, give privacy to this space … to which Christmas feels like Wonderful.


The ornaments on the tree and the glass lanterns on the console are simply warm and adorable. Wicker sofa, blanket, cushions in eight, and the wool pouf complete the whole Christmas mood.


 The wooden decorations in the shape of a reindeer, the balls with the silhouette of a fir tree, and the garland that decorates the window to the living room are essential. The tree and the garland of lanterns are festive enough. Just look at the gold openwork lantern!


Very little is needed to create a Christmas centerpiece. Sometimes a little imagination is enough! This one has been made with green branches, pine cones, and some red berries.


If first impressions count, the owners of this house have won over guests even before they set foot inside. And it is that each detail has been taken care of: white lanterns and cushions.


Dressing the base of the tree with Christmas details and decorations is doubly successful: you decorate and, at the same time, hide the base of the fir tree.


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