Choosing The Right Fence Design For Your Property

Installing a new fence on your property can be significant for many things. It can be the finishing touch of your yardwork and landscaping or it can be a security measure meant to keep intruders and wild animals away or simply block prying eyes. There are many reasons why you might want to have a fence around your home, some of them are aesthetic, others are practical. Whichever reason brought you to the decision of installing a new fence, one thing is certain: there are so many options out there that it is incredibly easy to start feeling overwhelmed and unable to make a choice you can stick with.

Choosing the right fencing solution for your property can be a long and difficult task, and rightfully so. You don’t do it everyday. In fact, if you do it right, you might not have to do it ever again. So how would you make sure that you’ve chosen the right design for your new fence?
It all starts with a clear definition of what you expect from the fence. What is the main purpose that you would be installing that fence? Is it purely for aesthetic purposes and you are looking to fill in the landscaping design around your home? Do you want your fence to keep your kids and your pets within your property while not completely blocking you off from the street and the neighbors or do you want to ensure that the new fence will provide complete privacy for your outdoor spaces and windows of the home?

Determining the purpose of the fence is going to make it a whole lot easier choosing the other details such as the height and material of the fence. As for the color and decorative element of it, you will have to go with whatever the color scheme of your home exterior and outdoor areas is. Regardless of the type of fence you choose, the color is something that you have complete control of.

1. Metal Fence

There are quite a few types of metal fences available. If you’re looking for something purely function, for example a fence around your dog’s living space, then you could go with a chain link fence which is also incredibly cheap, but if you’re trying to protect your property from animals and other intruders, you will need something more secure.
Depending on how much privacy you would like to retain, you could choose the mostly see-through steel fencing melbourne which can be shaped in a decorative pattern or you can go for an aluminum fence with vertical or horizontal slats that make it nearly impossible to see through the fence.
Both of these fence types require minimal maintenance over the years.

2. Brick Fence

You can’t go wrong with the good old brick fence. Well, technically a wall fence. This type of fencing gives you complete freedom of the design and shape of the wall so you can make it as thick, as tall and as colorful as you want. It can also open the possibilities of carving holes or attaching benches etc. to the wall. It shouldn’t require much maintenance over time but if you ever want to make some changes to it, you will have to pick up the sledgehammer and make a bit of a mess.

3. Wooden fence

Perhaps the most classic choice for a fence is a wooden fence. This type of fence is great for decorative purposes and is one of the most common choices. It can be incredibly cheap or incredibly expensive, all depending on the type of wood that you want to use. While a wooden fence can be adapted for almost any purpose, it does require some treatment every three to five years to protect it from water damage, sun damage, insects and rot.


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