Choosing the Best Portable Generator For Your Needs

Depending on where you live and on your needs regarding electricity, you might not be as familiar with the purpose of having a portable power generator ready to be used in your home. If you’ve experienced a fair share of power surges and have lost precious time doing something important because of it, you will certainly understand and appreciate a portable generator that will be able to restore enough electric energy to enable you to function properly. But if you were lucky enough to not have any such issues, we’d like to suggest you at least think about what a portable generator can help you with during an emergency and show you how to choose the right one for your needs even though ideally, you should get one of these generators handpicked by Generator Advisor – the site providing the best portable generator reviews.

1. Power output

The three most important specifications of a portable power generator have to do with the amount of power that they can produce, the efficiency of their fuel usage and of course the actual size and weight of the generator itself. How much power do you think you’ll need to keep things running during a power outage? Do you want your entire home to be powered by this generator or are you going to limit it only to the essential appliances?

2. Efficiency

A power generator would have to use some kind of fuel in order to generate electricity. Most commonly, this is diesel fuel but not all diesel generators are the same. You would do well to check how much fuel per hour does the generator use and compare it to others of similar power. If another one less fuel to generate the same amount of power, then it might be the better choice.

3. Size and weight

Having a very durable and powerful power generator is always the priority but you really have to think about the most common use case. Will it remain fixed in your garage or attic at all times or do you intend to carry it to where you need it when an outage happens? In either case, you would have to ensure that the power generator can fit in the place you want to keep it in and if you really want to be able to move it around easily, you’ll have to pick one that you can actually pick up without needing help from others.

4. Durability and safety features

Most of the best generator for home do well on durability tests but it is always better to be sure that what you’re buying has been extensively tested in extreme conditions and has the necessary safety precautions. You do not want to find out that the generator you bought can take water damage from light rain, when it starts to rain.


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