Choose The Most Beautiful Colors For The Facades Of Your House

Thinking of renovating the facade of the house? So the first step is to choose the colors for the facade of houses. The colors are like clothes that “dress” the house and help to define the architectural style and enhance the beauty of the facade. 

But amid so many colors, which one to choose to paint the facade? That’s the question we’re going to help you answer in this post. Keep following:

House facade color ideas

Yellow to warm

Yellow is a color that warms and illuminates. On the facade of the houses, guarantees warmth and offers a lot of receptivity. 

The lighter and more luminous tones, such as canary yellow, look beautiful when used in the company of materials such as wood and stones. The more closed tones, such as ocher and mustard, refer to the country and rustic houses. But yellow can also be trendy, especially when paired with neutral colors like gray and black.

Tranquility with blue

Blue is a color that brings comfort and tranquility. When you see it on a facade, the feeling is one of calm and well-being. The lighter shades of blue, when combined with white, convey delicacy and romanticism. 

While medium and warm tones, such as turquoise blue, can be a great choice for rustic or youthful and relaxed homes. For that, just combine it with shades like pink and yellow.

Green’s natural balance

Green is the color of nature and, for that reason, it is always linked to natural elements and the good sensations they are capable of bringing. The shades of green can blend in with the local landscape, between trees and gardens, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

While the darker and more closed tones, such as emerald green, have everything to create a sophisticated facade, even without this pretension.

Vibrant and passionate red

Red is not a color often used in facades, precisely because it is strong and striking. The tip to hitting the shade of red is to observe the elements present on the facade. The more closed tones, such as terracotta, suggest rusticity and comfort when they are in the presence of plants and natural materials, such as stones and wood. 

Warmer tones, on the other hand, such as scarlet red, can bring a touch of life and dynamism to modern facades, especially when used to highlight only a part of the facade or when combined with neutral and sober tones, such as the tone of the house itself. wood or black and white details.

Comfort and welcoming of earthy tones

Earthy tones are those that link the colors found in nature, especially within the palette of beige, yellow, brown, orange, red, and green tones. However, these colors are characterized by a more closed tone, with little shine. 

This is the case, for example, with shades of straw, sand, mustard yellow, moss green, caramel, and terracotta, among others. These colors are the best option for those who want to create a rustic and cozy facade, even in urbanized centers.

Neutral colors for the facade of houses

Elegance with white

Despite requiring more maintenance, the white facade is elegant and sophisticated, combining very well with classic and modern architecture. White can appear entirely on the facade or just to punctuate important architectural details.

Modernity and sophistication with black

Black is another color that is rarely used on the facades of houses, but which, little by little, has gained the attention of those who are building and renovating.

The color inspires sophisticated and luxurious modernity, perfect for homes with modern architecture.

Gray to get out of the obvious

Gray is a neutral color option for home facades that came to replace the traditional beige tones. Modern, gray also prints elegance on the facades without becoming tiring or monotonous.

Refined sobriety of dark blue

Dark blue tones, such as petroleum, can be used as a neutral color option for home facades. The tone is sophisticated, sober, and refined, especially when combined with wood. Or, maybe you can make a combination out of these proposals. And most houses will end up bringing more than one color on the facade.

Now, check out our facade color ideas and get inspired for your house:












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