Chemleg Legislation Office by Ipek Baycan Architects in Istanbul, Turkey

Project: Chemleg Legislation Office
Architects: Ipek Baycan Architects
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Photographs by: Courtesy of Ipek Baycan Architects

Chemleg Legislation Office by Ipek Baycan Architects

The new space for Chemleg Legislation Office which is designed by Ipek Baycan Architects, a company with a dynamic employee profile, displays the modern-day office structure with its hostility to contemporary office routines and its solution-oriented identity. Located in an 120 m² apartment at the corner of a contemporary structure, the new office is including an open office space, managers’ room with a lounge, zoom corner, meeting room, bar, reception, open working zones as well as diversified lounge and resting areas.

The target of the project was to create a warm and intimate environment without hierarchical compositions for the company which was founded by three partners who don’t wish to be separated from their employees. This scenario was especially reinforced with the inclusion of an open office, as well as leisure areas like lounge and open bar zones. The only private areas in the design are the office where the 3 partners work together, their lounge, and the meeting room which also requires a privacy.

A major contributor to the design was the orientation and alignment of the facades. As the architects, we believe that the inclusion of an internal courtyard in the entrance was the most ideal approach to endorse the identity of this project. This spacious entrance is a factor that enhances the quality of the space because of its ability to receive natural light and ventilation all-day long through the glass facade where the open-office tables have been aligned perpendicularly. While the open office and the meeting zones have been placed close to the long facade, most part of the shorter glass facade has been reserved for the manager’s office with a private lounge.

The pockets that appear through a perpendicular planning in a space where the facades intersect in a wide angle have been used as reception desk, technical volume, or mini bar. The form meeting room is a result of this alignment as well. With the placement of all these areas that feed the office at the periphery, an 40 m² office with a lounge is located at the periphery of the rectangular zone at the center. An open office with a capacity of 12 people and a waiting area for 6 people that greets us in the entrance are designed for the central area. The inclusion of a long table that could be used for eating and working comfortably is another element that diversifies the lounge area.

The dynamic and vivid design for the general atmosphere of the project has been manifested in the bold selection of the color palette. The combination of the salmon and the moss green with dark grey that is the sub-tone of the place has brought an authenticity to the space. While designing the glass separators, the fragmented walls with occasional claddings and painted bricks are creating a background for the major usage of graphics and bring out the lively and humorous identity of the space.

-Project description and images provided by Ipek Baycan Architects


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