Chaise Lounge – What it is, How to Use It and Inspiring Photos

Translated from French as “long chair“, is an evolution of the traditional double “armchair and puff“. Despite the French term, the chaise lounge has a much older history and dates back to the days of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, when the first furniture with this feature was found. The chaise lounge can have one or two arms at the ends, and at least one of them will be taller to ensure the same comfort as an armchair. A chaise lounge may also have a backrest, but it is not a rule. The important thing is that you know how to distinguish it by the elongated, slim and elegant body.

Besides being beautiful and elegant, the chaise lounge fits with incredible grace in the most different environments of the house, and in each of them, it assumes a different functionality and use. Here are some suggestions for using the chaise lounge:

Chaise Lounge in the Living Room

The living room is one of the environments that benefit most from the chaise lounge because it can assume various functions, not to mention that it adds a super special charm to the environment, breaking with the traditional sofa scheme and armchairs.

If the living room is small, it is worth betting on a chaise lounge as an alternative to the traditional sofa, but if the room is large it can come as an extra seating option in place of other furniture such as the aforementioned armchairs.

Another common way to use the chaise lounge is as a room demarcation, especially for living rooms integrated into the dining room or the kitchen. Try placing a chaise lounge on the border between one room and another and you will see the aesthetic and functional differential.

Chaise Lounge in the Room

The chaise lounge in the room is a mess. This furniture brings a unique comfort and welcomes to the environment. Positioned near the window, for example, the chaise lounge becomes a perfect resting place and also an excellent reading corner.

The chaise lounge is still a hand on the wheel when dressing, as it helps in changing clothes and shoes. A good idea is to even put the chaise lounge in the closet if you have room for it.

Chaise Lounge on Balconies and Outdoor Areas

The chaise lounge can be used without fear in outdoor areas such as balconies, gardens, gazebos and even around the pool, taking care only to combine the material with the environment so as not to risk deteriorating your furniture. In these places, the chaise lounge is perfect for moments of relaxation, and ensures a super visual for your outdoor area.

Want more ideas on how to use the chaise lounge for decoration? Then check out the images we have selected below. There are 8 inspirations to let you fall in love, take a look:










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