Casa Topo by Martin Dulanto Sangalli in Lima, Peru

Project: Casa Topo
Architects: Martin Dulanto Sangalli
Location: Lima, Peru
Photographs by: Renzo Rebagliati

Casa Topo by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Casa Topo is a contemporary residence designed by Martin Dulanto Sangalli and is located on the outskirts of Lima, Peru.
Its design revolves around the beautiful environment that surrounds it. It is aimed at minimizing its destructive and disruptive impact. For this purpose the bottom floor is below ground level, making the building look smaller. The top floor on the other hand, focuses on bringing the mountains and valleys inside in the form of beautiful panoramic sights.

This project is conceived with the premise of minimizing its impact on the environment, looking for the house to be perceived smaller than it really is. For this, the lower level of the house (which contains the social and service areas) is semi-buried and it is given a rustic and organic treatment, since it is the level that physically relates to nature, while in contrast, the upper level, the one that contains the bedrooms, is considered as a pure block (completely covered in wood) apparently simply resting on the ground.

The first level (level of income to the project), which contains the bedrooms, is presented as a large wooden box resting on the ground. Taking advantage of the height from this level you have, the bedrooms become a sort of viewpoint from which you can see both the lagoon and the stream.

The lower level contains the areas, social indoor, social terrace and service. While in the first level is the sleeping area.

The project has the following spaces:

1. LOWER LEVEL FLOOR: Terrace, pool, living room, kitchen, hallway, staircase that goes up to the second level, guest bathroom, service hall, patio, tendal laundry, service bedroom with closet and bathroom.
2. FIRST LEVEL FLOOR: Staircase that comes from the lower level, master bedroom with closet and the main bathroom 1 and the main bathroom 2, bedroom 2 with closet and bathroom 2, bedroom 3 with closet and bathroom 3 built-in. A guest bedroom with closet and bathroom 4 built-in, living room and storage.

Martin Dulanto Sangalli


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