Casa Tacuri by Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos in Quito, Ecuador

Project: Casa Tacuri
Architects: Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos
Location: Nayon, Quito, Ecuador
Area: 6,524 sf
Photographs by: BICUBIK Photography

Casa Tacuri by Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos

Casa Tacuri is a new design of a contemporary residence by the well-acknowledged Ecuadorian architecture studio Gabriel Rivera ArquitectosIt is located in the Nayon area of the city of Quito, just a few miles from the middle of the world (parallel zero).
The design of the Tacuri House takes into account the natural environment of the land, respecting its well-being by leaving the green carob trees in the center. In fact, the surrounding Algarrobo trees are part of the inspiration for this home’s architectural concept.

Tacuri is a place located in the Nayón area of the city of Quito. It is a fascinating place due to its microclimate, flora, fauna and exceptional view of the Cumbayá Valley. The Algarrobo tree, an endemic local species, grows all around. The trees attract so many singing birds that one can’t help but feel that they are a part of nature, despite the fact that Tacuri is just a few minutes away from urban activity. It is precisely in this site that the Tacuri House resides, and also from which it gets its name.

As a single-family house, it was designed with the purpose of creating a home. The product of substantial analysis, Tacuri House respects the natural environment of its lot and draws inspiration from the surrounding Algarrobo trees; giving place to the architectural concept: “living amongst the trees.” This concept materialized in the construction process through adapting to the natural topography and keeping all of the Algarrobos on site. The result is a timeless house that feels as if it has grown from nature itself.

Tacuri House is distributed along the perimeter of the lot in three different features around the main courtyard. As a result, nature, which is another source of inspiration, is integrated into all spaces and connects the entire family. The first structure, located along the street, forms the front of the property and contains all the social spaces. A second structure, distributed in two floors and located perpendicular to the first one, consists of family and private spaces. Finally, the third building is a study that overlooks the main courtyard. These three structures are connected through a continuous exterior path that winds around the whole house.

The concrete slabs resembling the trees’ foliage float and intersect one another, shaping the living spaces. The metallic columns, like tree trunks, hold the slabs together in a sophisticated adaptation to the natural topography. The glass, a significant factor in this project, serves to contain the interior spaces while maintaining a direct relationship to the natural surroundings. With the help of the wood lining on all the services, the house constantly keeps a comfortable temperature.

Tacuri House is a project that invites you to live an experience—the experience of architecture.

Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos


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