Casa Mezquite by BAG Arquitectura in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Project: Casa Mezquite
Architects: BAG Arquitectura
Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Area: 4,886 sf
Photographs by: Oscar Hernandez

Casa Mezquite by BAG Arquitectura

Casa Mezquite is a modern dwelling designed by BAG Arquitectura in the Mexican town of Aguascalientes. It is a two-story building that delivers about 4,900 square feet of living spaces, including four bedrooms, dressed in a monochrome color palette.

The building lies on a 507m2 ground, nearly at the center of which grows a mesquite tree that was preserved within the building. Because of this, the entire layout of the house gravitates around the tree, thus making it into the foremost element within the intents of this architectural project, and greatly enriching it.

The main front presents several solid volumes, which feature different color and texture qualities. Steel, quarry and small windows endow the project with security and privacy, both of which were heavily stressed by the client.

The house is divided in two floors. The ground floor holds all social spaces, which are united by a double-height large lobby that houses the drawing room. All these spaces open widely to the mesquite tree and take great pride from it.

The social-natured main garden, located at the same spot as the mesquite tree, is also united by a small terrace to the private dry-environment garden. The latter is composed of sea stone and a small palm tree, providing the kitchen/dining room with a distinct feeling to that of the larger green area.

The high floor holds the private spaces: main and secondary bedrooms, homework studio, and TV room. This last room lies on a wood-lined volume that delimits the dining room and enables the view of the living room and garden through a double-height. The main bedroom is isolated from the other areas by a privacy-bringing bridge.

Through sobriety and sheer elegance, the different finishes seek to bestow unique qualities to each space, by simultaneously differentiating and integrating them.

BAG Arquitectura


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