Cannes House by TAFF Arquitectos in Cancun, Mexico

Project: Cannes House
Architects: TAFF Arquitectos
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Area:7,534 sf
Photographs by: Cesar Bejar Estudio

Cannes House by TAFF Arquitectos

Designed by Mexican studio TAFF Arquitectosthe Cannes House is a spectacular luxurious residence located in the city of Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula, well known for its stunning beaches and pristine resorts. So, when you are building a contemporary home in such an exotic location, you have to really do your best to make it stand out. That is something that the Cannes House certainly does. It stands out with its crisp white exterior and beautifully warm and minimal interior.

A house of 700 m2 where the context is the concept: the interior is the exterior and the exterior becomes architecture. There is no distinction, the house is a terrace that, by means of a few steps and a pool, is shaping what is the garden and the rest area.

There is a certain tension between the materials, a certain contrast between granite, steel, wood and the color white; The solid and the light. A granite basement that is embedded in the ground, a stone pedestal that in the front blocks the facade but that in the back makes it disappear and becomes lighter: a beam and a series of supports covered in parota wood. A white curtain appears that moves with the wind, blurs the light and oscillates inside and outside the house creating an almost ethereal atmosphere.

Inside, the house is a space for play, collection, recreation; spaces dedicated to music, toys, cinema, a house with personality, designed by an architect and his client, who feels more than just materials and form, live by his objects and furniture.

TAFF Arquitectos


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