BYG BREWSKI – A Pub Complex with an Industrial Theme in Bengaluru

Architects: FurnitureRoots
Location: Bengaluru, India
Area: 65,000 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of FurnitureRoots

BYG BREWSKI by FurnitureRoots

BYG BREWSKI is a Brewpub located in the Hennur District of Bangalore in India. Spanning a colossal 65,000 Square feet, the ambitious project is the largest brewery in Asia and the largest dining establishment in India!

The furniture & décor contract for the brewery was awarded to FurnitureRoots while the architecture was completed by Matthew & Ghosh. The total manufacturing + construction work for the project spanned across 1.5 years.

The space hosts an amphitheatre, an open kitchen, a massive ice storage unit, 5-6 different bar counters & a pond at the centre.

In a city that is also called the Pub capital of India, Byg Brewski had to stand out in all possible aspects so the design & décor of the pub was a crucial factor that would determine its success.

After multiple deliberations, a modern industrial style for the establishment was finalized. This meant part industrial styling, which entailed exposed brickwork & bent-metal props, partly shabby chic designs for the indoor seating areas & partly modern seating arrangements with sleek & curvy stainless-steel tables & chairs that repel heat.

Temperatures in Bangalore are warm & humid even during the winters. Commercial-grade furniture was manufactured from scratch to ensure that they were resilient to harsh weather conditions. In order to contain a cooling effect, traditional exposed brickwork was used throughout the Brewpub.

In order to accentuate the “industrial appeal” several areas of the complex were not layered with any additional flooring except flattened & smoothened concrete.

In several other areas, the floor was layered with large stones that are known to expel heat. Several materials used in the construction were upcycled from old Mangalorean tiles & stones from surrounding steel mills and construction sites.

In order to replicate the royal Courthouse, look of the Mysuru Maharaja Dynasty, arched steel frames were used copiously throughout the main pavilion & across the establishments’ ceiling.

Since the area covered was rather large, it was decided to elevate the ground in certain areas after regular intervals as shown in the picture below in order to retain an illusion of proximity between the tables & guests by way of 3 dimensional architectural styles.

Each elevated level also has a large strip of lighting towards the bottom which made for a spectacular and stunning view after daytime, as shown in the picture.

A large pool in the centre of the pub complex along with mini waterfalls helps mitigate the heat during the summers and perfectly divides the establishment into two parts which was necessary due to the massive size.

Most of the tables at the ground level were naturally shaded by growing creepers on a mesh and were hand-crafted from a wooden species that is native to south-east Asia.

Principally, the owners of the brewpub had half a mind to theme the pub complex as an ancient ruin which will gradually be overcome with several natural elements. As you can imagine, achieving this was no easy feat. An aerial photograph of the area will give a better idea.

In order to get to a seating in any of the tables, guests would have to walk through an elevated walkway (as seen in the picture below)

BYG BREWSKI manages to seem extravagant with over 65,000 square feet in one of the fastest growing cities in the country and at the same time manages to also exude a rugged, industrial vibe with natural cues in every nook and corner.

The response from the Bangaloreans has been exceptional, the BrewPub hosts several important events & is the hotspot for teenagers during important FIFA & cricket matches.

With time, we can only expect the architecture to mature as natural architecture catches up with manmade architecture to create an extremely unique & distinctive pubbing experience.

-Project description and images provided by FurnitureRoots


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