Breathing House by Atelier Riri in Serpong, Indonesia

Project: Breathing House
Architects: Atelier Riri
Location: Serpong, Indonesia
Area: 3,444 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Atelier Riri

Breathing House by Atelier Riri

Atelier Riri have designed the Breathing House in Serpong, Indonesia. This luxurious modern home offers a bit under 3,500 square feet of living space in an area with tropical climate. The home has been designed with that in mind and it also makes sure to incorporate lush landscaping into its outdoors design.

Indonesia has a tropical climate. Tropical areas have rains almost the whole year through. For the reason of extreme weather, the ​​home design should be able to accommodate the climate. The House Located in Griya Loka, Serpong in a suburb area near Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). These townships residential area is dense enough. The home design-oriented is focusing on natural resources for lighting and ventilation.

‘Breathing House’ is located in an area, which has been formed since the 80s. The site is blended with the surrounding environment as a green area. We optimize the potential asymmetrical shaped into the owner’s identity with a functional approach. The owner is a dynamic young family with two children. Both are eager to have a more comfortable dwelling, environmentally friendly and at the same time also represent personal identity. “Form follow function” became a common thread in keeping the desired characteristics.

Site follows the asymmetric land, forming a new grid and creating unexpected spatial experience. Elements of surprise are inserted into the flow of circulation between spaces. The ground floor as the public areas is designed to ‘breath’ naturally through the large ventilation that is provided from the holes pattern in some areas of the building. All space is centered at large void holes, which has skylights on it. Under the skylight there is indoor swimming pool, which also aims to lower the room temperature naturally.

The private bedroom area, workspace and living space are on the second floor. On the third floor, we designed a roof garden that serves as an additional open area resident to do outdoor activities and family events.

We used natural and green materials such as bricks, Gain Reinforced Cement (GRC), and recycle metal are explored in order to have a contemporary new design. This house also works independently with recycle rainwater to watering garden and car washing. The house is expected to represent the identity of an eco-friendly Indonesian modern family home.

Atelier Riri


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