Bombai House by TIM ARQUITECTOS in Canning, Argentina

Project: Bombai House
Canning, Argentina
Area: 1,722 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by:
Lean Arlo


Designed by TIM ARQUITECTOS, the Bombai House in Canning, Argentina, showcases a stunning integration of concrete and sophisticated geometries. The single-story residence features cantilever partitions that create an intriguing visual contrast throughout the façade. The entrance is highlighted by a water mirror and an exposed concrete partition, leading to a spacious social area where the living room, dining room, and kitchen seamlessly merge with a gallery and grill. The private section comprises two bedrooms, bathrooms, and a flexible third room accessible from the street. Abundant natural light floods the interior through strategically placed windows, while the unique “plinth lighting” embedded in the floor ensures a natural and even distribution of sunlight, enhancing the house’s distinctive character.

Casa Bombai is a rationalist project where concrete plays a transcendental role: not only visually, but also as a way to execute sophisticated geometries that allow the house to be delimited and expanded in its surroundings. The cantilever partitions give rise to this dichotomy present throughout the entire façade.

Access to the house is designed to start from the moment the user gets out of the car. As you walk up to the house, you are greeted by a water mirror on the left and, on the right, by an exposed concrete partition that hangs eight feet and a half, framing the entrance door.

The entire program is developed on a single floor. Upon entering, the user finds a large social space where the living room, dining room, and kitchen, fully integrated, expand to a gallery with a grill. The private area of the house has two bedrooms, their bathrooms, and a third bedroom/study room which, if required, can be accessed from the street.

The arrangement of its windows, and large glazed surfaces, allow the entry of natural light during sunny hours and, in turn, allow natural cross ventilation. “Plinth lighting”, – sits flush with the floor – manages to spread sunlight in a natural and homogeneous way and constitutes the distinctive constructive detail of the house.



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