The Best Choices For Garden Paving Materials

Some people manage to come up with amazing designs for their gardens and end up having spectacular backyards. However, it’s not an easy task as there are many things that need to be taken into account. Depending not just on what you like most but also what’s best for the overall look of the garden, you need to make some decisions which will impact the way the final picture is going to look. One of the tough decisions you will have to make is what kind of material you are going to use for the garden paving. There are multiple factors that come into play such as whether or not you also have some water features for the garden planned out. To help you decide on what will better fit your garden, here are some of the best and most popular choices for garden paving.


Sandstone is a classic and somewhat predictable solution but in no way is that a bad thing. Sandstone is such because it is reliable and you can use it in a large number of combinations to create stunning designs. It’s widely available which is a huge plus for sandstone, and it also comes in a very wide array of colors meaning that you can play around with the colors so that it suits your overall design. It’s also easy to work with so there won’t be any hassle installing it. Some of the not so great things about sandstone is the fact that it might cost you a bit for the blotching.


Another popular choice, gravel is an alternative that you might be fonder of. It is an inexpensive material which will allow you to invest with an ease of heart. Also, it comes with very nice textures that are pleasing to the eye and is all in all very easy to set up. The thing about gravel that isn’t really cool with everyone is the fact that it’s not always stable and that it can also get weedy at times.


Out of all the options so far, slate might be the one most prefer in terms of looks. It’s just an appealing sight and that doesn’t change when it rains and it also gets that interesting shine effect to it. But there’s more to this material than just looks. It’s easy to model according to your desires, and it will go great with any garden design after you’ve shaped it. It’s not perfect though, as moisture can also damage the material greatly.


We had to include granite on this list. It’s a material you will see in a lot of specific types of designs and it has some qualities that many might be interested in. It’s very resistant, first of all, so you won’t have to worry about having to replace it any time soon. Moreover, it also comes in a ton of colors so you don’t have to stick to just one bland option when it comes to colors. But these luxuries come with a price, both literally and metaphorically. The material is pretty expensive and on top of that it’s hard to work with. So if you do end up choosing granite, make sure you’re prepared for some heavy work.


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