Best British Gardens From Rural Locations to Inner-city Botanical Paradises

After we searched for the most beautiful gardens that Britain has to offer, we found the ones worth looking for! When in Britain don’t forget to check these beauties and have the time spent on something you’ll remember.

1.The Topiary Gardens at Levens Hall House Cumbria

The gardens of Levens Hall in Cumbria is billed as the most expensive topiary garden in the world! These gardens will make your visit surreal and awe-inspiring, as they are the finest and oldest gardens. Once you get there you will see the living sculpture gallery which can be traced back over 300 years to the late 1600s. It’s full of trees and bushes in the Topiary Gardens and is expertly crafted into a fantastic array of geometric and abstract shapes. We can guarantee that the visit to Levens Hall, which is home to over 15.000 homegrown plants will be the one to leave you amazed.

2. Darwin’s Garden at Down House, Kent

Looking for lush gardens and intriguing greenhouses? We got you! Located at Down House in Kent you will meet these full of history and inspiration gardens. The owner, Charles Darwin has developed many of his ground-breaking ideas on natural selection in his laboratory, the outdoor one.

3. The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Against the capital’s skyline, there is a place that will make you want to escape modern society! Yes, we are speaking of The Royal Botanical Garden that is located just a mile from Edinburgh city center. 70 acres of lush greenery will meet the eye, each acre telling a unique story.Β  The evolutionary order of 500 different plants has been illustrated in its biodiversity garden. If you are one of the lucky visitors you will see the 27 glasshouses and be transported to diverse regions from arid lands, humid rain forests to mountain tropics. And if you visit in the summer months you will have the pleasure of seeing the exotic sacred lotuses and tropical water lilies.

4. Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden, Cornwall

Okay now, this one can’t be missed if you are looking to introduce artistic flair into your outside space! This garden has been known as a former home and studio of one of Britain’s most important twentieth-century artists. So, the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden is the must see one! Nestled beside the streets of St. Ives, there is a gravel path that will lead you past the infamous modern sculptures to her workshop with glimpses of the sea. Isn’t that just magnificent?

5. Pashley Manor Gardens, East Sussex

Visiting the Tudor house that was once owned by Anne Boleyn‘s great-grandfather is the dreamland for any history enthusiast. Also, there is a statue of the former Queen on a moated island to commemorate this. Have you heard about the Tulip festival in the very same place? If not, in late April/May there is fun even for the people that are not so in love with history. With some 40.000 tulips of over 112 different varieties, the festival makes a memorable site that is so stunning that you should not miss it! Another thing we would like to recommend too is to take the bluebell walk. Thank us later.

6. Aberglasney Gardens, Carmarthenshire

Aberglasney is one of Walesfinest gardens. In case you never heard, this place has 10 magnificent gardens to explore that are dating back to medieval times. For sure it is home to many plants seldom seen growing in the British Isles, so it’s best to visit in spring and early summer. Why? Because the woodland, stream and kitchen gardens are in full glory then and everything seems so magical.


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