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Going to college is an important part of many people’s life. But, to be honest, finding a good one can be quite difficult. Have you always admired huge and beautiful structures and dreamed of studying architecture at the university? We are here for you! We know that one of the things that discourage people is the fact that they can’t find the perfect institution that will cover all they have to learn, from the history, theories and principles to drawings and design, is somewhat strenuous. But there’s no need to worry! You have come just to the right place.  We understand how difficult it can be, so we have taken our time and done the stressful job by compiling a list of the best architecture schools for you.

The process of admission in these schools is not entirely different from how it is in other American universities. You would be asked to submit an essay which will be used to determine whether you are going to be accepted or not. So, to help you with this essay, you can find different college essay examples by searching for free essays online for students. It is also important that you check your essay using a good plagiarism checker free tool for students. This allows you to check for plagiarism in your essays. Your essays must be the canon definition of original: creative, unique and completely free from copy and paste or paraphrases. Plagiarized essays are completely bad. And, it could actually reduce your chances of gaining admission into any of these schools.

Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri

WashU has an old college that’s concerned with teaching architecture. This art has evolved over the years from what it was to become one of the best. Many great architects have been produced by this art school. This notion can help you, as a student, build relationships and develop useful connections with the school’s alumni.

WashU architecture program offers different important and focused courses and is not restricted, like many other similar colleges in the US. It is also a good place to learn in a quiet and comfortable student environment.

Rice University, Houston, Texas

Rice University is also another excellent learning centre. It is one of the United States’ best. This is because of its reputable history in providing innovative and effective teaching methods.

The university’s Architecture faculty only takes few students every year. Even within the university community, the faculty is known to have the lowest number of student intake every year with a student-lecturer ratio of 5:1. This is one of the reasons the school provides an inclusive and fully interactive environment for learning.

The undergraduate degree program lasts for 6 full years. The first four are a liberal arts degree, while the additional two are for a full-time in the course which will earn you another Bachelor of Architecture degree that makes you a professional.

This school is fantastic for research. In fact, it ranks the top as one of the best colleges for academic research and investigations. As a good researcher, having a decent plagiarism checker free is important. It helps you to know how original and unique your research is.

Cornell University, New York

Cornell University is one of the oldest schools in the United States of America and one of the greatest private universities in the country – highly respected by many Americans and foreigners. Cornell is considered as one of the leading architectural schools for both undergraduates and postgraduates. Cornell is ranked 16th on the US news college ranking of top national universities and is considered a good place to grow a vast network as a student.

Cornell’s acceptance rate, like Rice, is also minimal. And, leading firms in America usually employ its students because they believe they’d be master architects. So, a job won’t be a problem for you.

These schools are all good options – a canon definition of the best colleges for architectural programs. However, it’s best that you make your own choice and not allow anyone to decide for you.

If you have already made your choice, good for you. This list is especially for those who haven’t decided. However, if you aren’t satisfied with what we have on our list, you can do research to find out more. It is important to know that before you choose a school like those we’ve listed, there are certain factors you must consider – factors like the required studio environment needed for the study and extensive architectural study. Also important are the location and the cost of the institution of choice. They are all very important.


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