Berkley Bar in California’s Capitol city, Sacramento

Berkley Bar pays homage to David Berkley Fine Wines which was formerly located in the same space in the upscale Pavilions.

The big idea was to create a ‘hideaway’ wine bar within an established suburban neighborhood in Sacramento. Features like the custom wallcovering of a notable Shenandoah Valley vineyard, the reclaimed barrel oak wall cladding and hanging quarter wine barrels reference David Berkley and the unique wine region of Amador County just east of Sacramento.

A solid reclaimed oak bar top adds warmth and contrasts with the black tin ceiling tiles and other metal elements used throughout the bar. Finishes specified throughout were meant to give the space an ‘aged’ or ‘patinaed’ look, helping to make customers feel welcome and comfortable.

Design by: Beta Form Industries

Photographs by: Kat Alves Photography.

KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-2 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-3 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-4

KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-5 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-6 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-7 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-8 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-9 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-10 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-11 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-12 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-13 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-14 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-15 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-16 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-17 KatAlvesPhoto_Berkley-18


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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