Back To Nature: This Year’s Bedroom Trends

Renovating or refurbishing the home can provide you with the perfect opportunity to bring your rooms up to date with all of the latest trends. In 2013, increasing numbers of people are seeking to make their bedrooms more multi-functional, incorporating sofas, fridges and television cabinets. Many are seeking to turn their bedrooms into a living and working space as well as a place to bed down for the evening.

From an upholstery perspective, multiple textures are in. Utilising different materials and finishes on walls, furniture and bedding helps to bring a vibrant, interesting feel to the bedroom. Botanic prints have also proved popular this year, and rustic, natural tones are in at the moment. When it comes to window furnishings, blackout shades remain popular. Plantation shutters have also proved popular in the past year, in keeping with the idea of utilising the bedroom as a multi-functional space.

It’s important to consider lighting in the bedroom. Despite making the most of the space and adding numerous pieces of furniture, the bedroom should also be a place for people to retreat to after a busy day. Bedrooms should have a peaceful ambience, and one of the most notable ways to achieve this is by carefully considering the lighting, as well as any window furnishings. Soft lighting and orange/red tinted shades are currently popular, helping to perpetuate a relaxing, laid-back vibe.

When it comes to surfaces this year, think wood. Simple, raw, clean woods with minimal finishes and embellishments are popular at the moment. Beech, birch and oak all work well with textured furnishings in order to create a rustic, homely feel. Beds from manufactured from dark wood can combine wonderfully with pale desks and dressing tables – think deep walnut contrasting with light oak. Autumnal upholstery and bedding tops this look off in a beautifully natural, rustic manner.

In terms of colour, grey remains popular as a means of keeping things neutral, although some designers have begun to utilise pale greens to the same effect. Warm reds and burnt oranges work well with neutral colours and natural woods, and can be used to achieve a natural effect in the bedroom. Forest colours help to provide a soothing yet mysterious ambience to the bedroom, and textural, patterned wallpapers in such colours and tones work well with hardwood beds and desk furnishings.Beautiful-Nature-Bedroom-Interior-Design-Concept natural-theme-2013-living-room Nature-themed-bedroom-decoration-ideas



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