Awesome Aesthetic and Greener Roofs & Solar Powered Houses: A Design of Its Own!

If you are someone who is just looking always to make your place look outclass and give it your personal signature on it then. Then here I am giving an Idea.

Construction of green roof tops is growth trend in North American Region and Europe, where the residential blocks are adopting this unique idea.

Green Roof can be defined in such a way that’s it’s a system where a roof is installed with water proofing mechanism , drainage system , filtering layer and soil layer , which is then used to grow the plants over it . There are different types in these roof tops i.e. Intensive and Extensive that allow the growth of multiple, herbs, and fruits on roofs. Here I am making an interesting addition i.e. to place the solar panel along with these green plants.

Surprised! Oh you should be, generally if you heard someone who has green roofs then the idea is just limited to use of the above stated technique but Installation of Solar panels will give off better result. The reason is that solar panels (either for electricity generation or heating water) when installed at alone in the houses then they generally distort the shape of roofs and the appearance don’t look alluring at all!

When these panels are covered with green surroundings, you should imagine the view. While installation of solar panels, location plays a vital role this is so because with decrease and increase of solar radiation the amount of power generated from the roof increases directly.

Roof architects and designers pay a great emphasis that any homeowner should consult the expert while carrying out the process of making such roofs. Roofing sheet manufacturers may provide you with different types of options which may fit in with the need of installation.

Once you have the structure completed with Green Plants and Solar Panels then check out the advantages that you will have through it!

For example, the most prominent of all them is that you energy consumption of the buildings will be reduced by great amount. Green plants generate a substantial quantity of oxygen thus; the roof area can be used for the morning walk, yoga and exercises in daily routine. And if you are smart enough then you can also go for growth of some fruits as well.

Nevertheless, the Look of the house and its aesthetic beauty is un-matching, since generally there are no such roofing sheets or tiles that can take place of such greener roofs.  These roofs not only return back the cost of construction in no time but also help in reducing energy cost in longer run as well.

Green-Roof-Solar-Panels solar-powered-roofs green-roof-over-concrete



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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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