Autumn Plants To Make The Garden From Home Even More Beautiful

The change of season is here! We did not want to miss the opportunity to show you the plants and flowers that are best adapted to this time of year in which many leaves begin to fall, while others remain with strength and color. Do you want to know which ones?

Summer is ending and many of us see how the flowers of our plants begin to fall. The days are getting shorter, the sunlight is less intense and the heat is conspicuous by its absence. A change of era that our green friends notice instantly. However, this does not imply that we cannot enjoy them as we would in spring. The fall months are also an ideal time to cultivate the beauty of flowers. We just need to know which are the plants that can better adapt to this colder and wetter period, but no less natural for that.

Isn’t fall a wonderful time? The fields and gardens are grateful for the rains that begin to break in mid-September. As a consequence of this season, we can see how the landscape is filled with orange, ocher, and brown tones. The smell of damp earth permeates everything!

Of course, we must be aware of some aspects related to autumn. For example, as temperatures begin to drop, so will the needs of plants and their ability to evaporate excess water from irrigation. This will be the first sign to pay attention to, as soon as it happens, we will begin to space the irrigation and review the different drainage systems of our plants. This is because during the winter we must be careful to prevent the roots of the vegetables from rotting due to the combination of water and cold.


Nothing would be the same without some pretty chrysanthemums to kick off the fall. A plant that buys more than 200 species in itself and that, in addition, also stands out for its infinity of colors. Annual chrysanthemums offer a very long and abundant flowering practically 365 days a year.

In their care, they are not very demanding and prefer fertile soils, well-drained and with a tendency to acid pH. Its cultivation, in case you want to start creating your garden or mini botanical garden, requires a sunny or semi-shaded area for it to grow well. Of course, they do not support the wind well, so put them in a shelter when there are strong gusts of wind.


The cyclamen is a super easy species to find and that will give us flowers throughout the fall and winter until the heat returns. You can find it in many colors and it is a plant that adapts both indoors and outdoors. It can look great in a corner sale since it does not need direct sun, just good lighting. Remember that when the high temperatures arrive it will lose the flowers. Take advantage of it now that you can!


The carnation is a species that adapts quickly and without problems to any season. Besides being very pretty, they give off an incredible smell! Although carnations are true lovers of the sun, they also withstand low temperatures. Its different colors, from reds to whites, yellows or pinks, fall in love with anyone who agrees to observe them.

Regarding irrigation, this species needs water constantly, but without drowning it. You can pay it once a week during spring and summer and in other seasons it will be enough to make one subscription per month.


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