Architecture and Where You Live: Why Building Design Matters

University students are often living away from their familial home for the first time and as such, they really don’t think much about the building they choose to live in. But, if you want to enhance your living experience, considering the architectural component of the building in which you reside is key. Take the Quad student residences near York University, for example. Their very design promotes creativity, the desire to learn, and a sense of wellbeing. Here are more reasons why building design matters.

Design and Structure Affect Mood

It’s a proven fact that the structure you live in affects your mood, which in turn impacts the way you view life and how you experience almost everything you do inside that building. Studies have shown, for instance, that a building that doesn’t allow much natural light to penetrate the interior can cause the people who have to spend a large portion of their life inside that building to become depressed and angry.

A lack of light can make you want to sleep all day instead of studying, working, or entertaining. But a building that lets in plenty of sunshine can help you greet each day with a sense of renewal and optimism. A structure that facilitates group interaction with communal spaces encourages social connection, whereas a building that segments everyone in their own little box will seem unfriendly and unwelcoming.

Architecture Can Promote Sustainability

We can’t continue to live like there is no tomorrow, especially in the way we use resources because there is a tomorrow and we need to protect our resources for those who come after us. In the past, very little attention was paid to how a building interacts with the environment or what kind of footprint it leaves. As a young person, you are a steward of our environment and you have an opportunity to make a difference in how we impact our surroundings by choosing a home that has been carefully designed to promote sustainability.

For example, choosing a building that is energy efficient will reduce your energy usage, which not only saves you money, but also lowers your reliance on finite fossil fuels. Living in a building that includes commercial businesses means you won’t have to take transportation to shop or get many of the services you need because they’re right where you’re living. This reduces air and noise pollution and increases the efficient use of space in a structure.

Architecture and Design are Public Art

Architecture and design, when done well, give everyone the opportunity to enjoy free public art whenever they pass by or go into the structure. Art is a major contributor to a well-rounded life and when you literally live in a work of art, you can’t help but feel more fulfilled in your everyday life. It’s like going to a museum every day and appreciating the beauty in ordinary things.


It will be tempting for you to just pick any old place to live when you first move out of your parents’ home, but if you take some time to consider the overall design of a place you’re considering moving into, you’ll be more satisfied with your living arrangements in the long run.


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