Arçelik Content Studio by IGLO Architects in Kocaeli, Turkey

Project: Arçelik Content Studio
Architects: IGLO Architects
Location: Cayırova, Kocaeli, Turkey
Area: 12,916 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by: Courtesy of IGLO Architects

Arçelik Content Studio by IGLO Architects

Arçelik Content Studio where an exemplary design and implementation was realized by acting in accordance with the main criterion of sustainability, was designed by IGLO Architects in Kocaeli by converting an old maintenance building using recycled materials as much as possible.

Arçelik Content Studio, which was created to produce inhouse solutions for the advertising and promotion needs of Koç Group brands, was designed by converting an old maintenance building located in the Çayırova campus in accordance with the sustainability principles of the organization. Waste steel materials, cages and all other usable materials found in the warehouses of the campus were identified and adapted to the planning solutions in accordance with the needs of the studio. Thus, by using recycled materials as much as possible, an exemplary design and implementation was realized by acting in accordance with the main criterion of sustainability.

When designing the plateaus, it was important that this 1200 square meter structure, which can meet the needs of different photo and video shootings, creates the ideal areas needed by the local / foreign crews, actors and set staff who will come for the shootings, and that the office employees can work in conditions in accordance with the company standards.

Easy-to-reach warehouses for technical equipment and decor materials, technical areas for technological infrastructures to be used intensively, large spaces to allow vehicle access were included in the program. Socializing and dining areas, wet areas, make-up rooms and office conditions for temporary users were taken into consideration in order to provide pleasant working spaces. Flexible plateaus were designed where three brands can have fixed decors at the same time, and free shooting can also be done.

The existing steel trusses and roof were reinforced and renovated, while the walls and floors were redesigned in accordance with acoustic requirements. Multifunctional and transformable plateaus were created that can be adapted according to different shooting scenarios. The façade of the building invites the material storages, technical area and guest entrances by retreating back to protect them from external conditions and the moving traffic of the road in front of the building, while double-faced lattice frames were used to mask the external unit and unwanted details.

The facade design, which was renewed in accordance with the corporate identity of the brand, again included recycled materials, giving the industrial structure a contemporary look. The selection of all sound and lighting systems to save energy was another practice that reduced the carbon footprint of the building.

Arçelik Content Studio is valued as an example of an environmentally sensitive practice that contributes to corporate sustainability goals as well as providing significant savings in the group’s advertising expenses. This project, which proves that it is possible to save resources and reduce the amount of waste in building production through recycling and reuse, is a source of inspiration for organizations showing how sustainability principles can be successfully applied in a commercial environment.

-Project description and images provided by pRchitect


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