All of us as a kids have memories and  they are all connected with games we use to play during our childhood. It was a great feeling being on our favorite swing. As a kid our best mood gave us a feeling when we were sitting and just flying through the air. No worries or frustrations, just thinking how to swing and enjoy. So why not apply that concept to a more mature audience? We all were kids once. Duffy London has created a furniture that will bring us back into the childhood.

The Swing Table has eight suspended seats all around a walnut wood table and a powder coated steel frame. There’s a geometric pendant that’s attached with the wiring running through one of the posts. This is great piece of furniture and it will change the way you get your meals served. Swing yourself while you enjoy spending time with your family, better said, you can swing all together.

The Swing Table is a great excuse to bring childhood fun back to the workplace.


Tags: chair, dinning room, interior design, kitchen, product design

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