Afeka House – A Collaboration Between Axelrod Architects and Pitsou Kedem Architects in Tel Aviv

Project: Afeka House
Architects: Axelrod Architects, Pitsou Kedem Architects
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Photographs by: Axelrod Architects

Afeka House by Axelrod Architects and Pitsou Kedem Architects

The Afeka House is a collaborative project between the two Israeli architecture studios Axelrod Architects and Pitsou Kedem ArchitectsIt is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and it appears as a rectilinear volume with a horizontal framework. There are various openings on the exterior that let an abundant amount of sunlight reach the interior.
The light-harnessing interior of this contemporary home opens up into the private backyard and swimming pool through an expansive glass door located on the main floor. Further on, there are large vertical windows that are intended purely as a way to illuminate specific features of the home such as the stairwell.

Appearing to effortlessly float above the ground, the G House advances the firm’s residential design beyond a purely minimalist approach. The G House is horizontally expressed but uses vertical space and light in surprising ways. The simply shaped residence on a small half of a dunam lot is organized along a horizontal framework which contains two living levels and a basement. The main level features copious glazing which opens to a private yard and pool; it is the entire wall of glass that creates the illusion of a floating building. The roof itself hovers above the house, separated by a slim glass window line.The main living space is accentuated by a large two story vertical open space creating interior relief and spaciousness. It is, however, the vertical “slice” along the street side façade that introduces an element of surprise. The “slice”, containing stairs to all floors, is punctuated by a linear skylight and a ribbon window that dramatically illuminates the stairwell. The result is a spectacularly unifying element in what would have simply been the backside of the building.The overall feel of the house is open, delightful, and harmonious in its details.

Pitsou Kedem Architects


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