Advantages And Disadvantages Of Old Houses

Only those who love old houses can understand how special they are.

Even today they draw signs around, whether for the history behind the architecture or for the charm of an era that still lives on in the walls and the details. However, buying an old house requires some precautions you need to know.

So, just take a look at this post and see if this is your best choice in real estate.

What are the pros and cons of an old house?

Advantages of an Old House

A style that never comes back

The architectural style of an old house has an unparalleled charm that today, unfortunately, is no longer reproduced. The wooden floor, the large windows, the details on the façade, among other elements, guarantee the personality and authenticity of an old house.

Spacious environments

The old houses were designed to meet the demand of a very different time.

Families were larger and cities less populated, making this type of house gain more indoor and outdoor space. Hardly these days you will be able to find houses the size of those that were built in the past.

Yard and garden

Every old house has a yard and garden, after all, there was no lack of space for that. So, if you plan to have a house with good outdoor space, consider buying an old house.

Large windows and doors

Old houses didn’t skimp on windows. Because of this, the rooms are always very well ventilated and light.

Not to mention that the windows and doors of that time were made of very resistant materials, such as solid wood or iron.

Cheapest price

The vast majority of older homes sell for below the average market price. This could be the missing advantage to make you decide on an old house.

Prime location

Another good reason to make you live in an old house is the location. Most of them are located in central or very well located neighborhoods, which facilitates movement and makes the resident’s life much easier.

Disadvantages of an Old House

Need for reform

As beautiful as it is, the old house will always need some kind of renovation or intervention. There’s no way, the effect of time comes to everything.

The most essential renovations in an old house tend to focus on the electrical and hydraulic network, in addition to the flooring and ceiling, especially if they are made of wood. This is because, with the lack of maintenance, it is very common for insects such as termites, for example, to end up taking over the wood.

The facade of the old house is another place that needs attention. If you choose to change doors and windows, then the façade renovation will be inevitable. But if you intend to continue with the frames, consider keeping the original façade. It’s the pure charm!

Insurance restrictions

Another little problem you may have when buying an old house is insurance. Some insurers simply refuse to insure old homes because of the added risk.

It is worth researching the property in question before closing the deal.

Outdated technology

An old house does not have the technology that we usually see in modern buildings. In other words, sustainable solutions or those aimed at reducing expenses, for example, do not exist in this type of house.

If this is important to you, it will be necessary to carry out an entire adaptation project to “modernize” the property as much as possible.

Historic property

Before buying an old house, find out from the city hall whether or not the property is a historical heritage site. There are several houses listed by public agencies and, in these cases, any type of alteration is problematic.

Even to carry out a simple painting you will need to ask for permission. Therefore, check this small detail before purchasing.

Check out now the following inspiring images of old houses that will make you daydream:











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