Acapulco Chair: tips for choosing and model photos

Today we are going to talk about them: the Pinterest darling and the dream of those who follow interior design projects on Instagram.

You already know who we’re talking about, right? Yes, the Acapulco chair!

This piece of furniture is super charming, cosy and beautiful to live in! Come with us to see how you can make the most of it in your home too.

But after all, is the Acapulco chair comfortable?

Yes, the Acapulco chair is comfortable, very comfortable. can believe. The shape of the piece is a real hug for anyone who sits.

It also adapts ergonomically to the body and offers comfortable support for the back, neck, legs and hips. That is why it has become a favourite piece for rest areas. But not only that. Below we tell you other ideas on how to use the Acapulco chair in decoration, take a look.

A space for reflection in the garden

The garden is another room in the house that deserves the company of an Acapulco chair. On grass or a rustic stone floor, the Acapulco chair easily transforms into a place of contemplation in your own home to enjoy moments of great calm and peace.

And the best part is that the Acapulco chair can be used outdoors without any damage as the material of the chair is water-resistant and waterproof.

How about checking out these beautiful decorating inspirations featuring the Acapulco chair now? So check out the images we have selected below:








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