Abra Garden House by White Cube Atelier in Maku, Iran

Project: Abra Garden House
White Cube Atelier
Maku, Iran
1.076 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by:
Parham Taghioff

Abra Garden House by White Cube Atelier

Abra Garden House, situated in the Maku Free Zone’s tranquil landscape, offers a retreat from urban life. Constrained by limited space, the design adheres to a prototype for garden houses in the area. The envisioned house, resembling a white cloud suspended between sky and earth, captivates passersby. The structure, organized into basement, living room, resting space, and attic with an observation deck, forms a 6×6 platform. The design process emphasizes a profound connection between architecture and observers, transcending mere form and volume.

Abra Garden House is located in a non-urban arena in the Maku Free Zone. The project site in the highlands of Qarah Khach, with a mysterious landscape and pristine nature, calls for people to stay away from the city and the uproar, to pass the rapid rhythm of life, and to rest for an hour in the fog and cloud.

The main concern in the design of this garden house is the limited gross area, which is similar to other garden houses built on arable land and gardens. To avoid exceeding this limitation, the definition of a prototype could affect the concept of all houses being built in the area.

A picture of a house that had been in my mind since childhood affected the project’s form. It flies like a white cloud between the sky and the earth, and it gives a sense of suspense to passers-by and audiences who pass by or use it.

The house story begins with a 4×5 square with cantilevers on the sides, which creates a platform of 6×6. Abra garden house is considered in 4 levels, including a basement, living room, resting space, and attic, which houses the project’s observation deck.

The concept developing process moved towards the simultaneous reproduction of volume and space to create a deep relationship between architecture and audience that is beyond the combination of form and volume.

White Cube Atelier


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