Aarya Club by Ishwar Gehi Architect in Rajkot, India

Project: Aarya Club
Architects: Ishwar Gehi Architect
Location: Rajkot, India
Photographs by: Courtesy of Ishwar Gehi Architect

Aarya Club by Ishwar Gehi Architect

I have always felt that spaces, when created have emotions knitted into them, which are powerful representations of designer’s thought process. This is what makes architecture an art. An art, inside which we carry out most of our daily activities.

I like to believe, that Aarya Club embraces my, such emotions. My such emotions, that have evolved spiritually and psychologically as a result of my journey through the villages of western and northern India, in search of Immemorial Hindustani ideas of living and existing in harmony with self and soul. Be it Egyptians in middle east, Hindus in south Asia, or even Mayans in South America, a pyramid, universally, has been a symbol of harmonious integration of an individual with their soul. The composition of these pyramids, at different elevations, carries certain regularity, allowing assigning a different programme to each pyramid space.

With most of the club constituting of entertainment, leisure related activities, Almost all club areas are surrounded by massive corridors, having majestic views of the monumental pyramids, again embracing principles of awe-inspiring ancient Indian superstructures, at the same time hinting at what the future may look like.



The club is laid out in an ”L” shape keeping in mind, the inclusiveness, when it comes to various community celebrations. All the areas of the club are surrounded by 8 feet wide corridors, providing multiple access mounts to each area, maximizing flexibility in terms of the way, each area can be used.

The seven multi-level pyramid comprising of glass and steel structure (dimensions: 60′ X 60′ X 42.5′) are distributed throughout the club sitting at different heights, with ground floor pyramids comprising of reception, restaurant and pre-function areas. The high tech components required to erect these pyramids are entirely manufactured locally, in the city of Rajkot.


I believe, building green and working with already existing infrastructure and principles of nature is no longer a proposition, but a sheer necessity in current times. A number of areas in the club including corridors and and some pyramids are kept open in accordance with general directions of wind flow, which is why these spaces do not require A/C cooling systems. Same with game zones and cafeteria, which constitute of massive openings linking them with surrounding landscapes and large  swimming pool.

The club comprise of extensive open and recreational spaces, be it corridors, which are only partitioned by columns, or vast terraces, a number of which exist on every floor. The one pyramid on top floor in center of building functions as an ultra-luxury honeymoon suite for that special couple.

– Project description and images provided by Ishwar Gehi Architect


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