A Weekend House by Architecture Lab Boum in Tangpyeong-Gun, South Korea

Project: A Weekend House
Architecture Lab Boum
Tangpyeong-Gun, South Korea
1,915 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
texture on texture

A Weekend House by Architecture Lab Boum

A Weekend House named “Sasaek” was collaboratively built by two couples, representing four colors and meditations in Korean. The design features a simple box shape with hidden courtyards. The architecture, with a 4.5-meter cantilever for a columnless terrace and panoramic concrete fences, is intentionally neutral. Transparent curtain walls and extended eaves in the party room offer a cinematic view of the landscape. The focus on “Eat, Play, and Be happy” reflects the clients’ desire for a minimal, open space for enjoyment and happiness, evident in social media snapshots capturing moments of joy in the architectural backdrop.

A Weekend House, Meditation of Four Colors – A weekend house for two couples. The name of the house that the four people built together, “Sasaek “ means four colors and meditations in Korean. It is a name that perfectly suits this house, which has a square floating mass with secret courtyards.

Being the simplest box – Hoped that the weekend house would serve as a vessel to hold the life there and the things necessary for it. Engineering solutions to create 4.5 meters of cantilever for columnless terrace space and exposed concrete fences that create panoramic landscapes are invisible. The architectural form is extremely neutral, so it does not reveal itself or say anything.

A surging landscape – Looking at the yard from the party room on the first floor surrounded by transparent curtain walls, exposed concrete fences, and long eaves “crop” the scenery along the line of sight, and the landscape is pushed inside with cinematic aspect ratio.

Leave the architecture behind – “Minimal mass, wide viewing angle, spacious kitchen and living room, and living space expanded into the yard…” The requests of the four clients are written on the first page of the meeting minutes from the first meeting two years ago. Now, two years later, it seems somewhat like that. And as soon as I saw the next line, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Eat, Play, and Be happy.” If you look at the client’s snapshots posted on social media, they are better than any architectural photos taken by a professional. Photos of people partying, swimming, having fun, and just being happy. I also feel so good when I see traces of architecture in the background. As expected, architecture is the best when it comes to background.

Architecture Lab Boum


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