A Visionary and Innovative Working Environment: Perfume Design Atelier by REDA

Project: Perfume Design Atelier
Architects: REDA
Location: Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 1,937 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Kadir Asnaz Photography

Perfume Design Atelier by REDA

Perfume Design Atelier was created by REDA as a flexible and productive working space according to the new normal standards.

Perfume Design Atelier has been a project, in which a visionary and innovative office-working concept has transformed into a vivacious space within the new normal standards.

Perfume Design Atelier, which was also designed by REDA as a store-office in 2016, was brought to a new face in March 2022 by considering the current working functions and needs of the client, created by the new normal standards.

The use of the “Hot Desks”, which can be used by the expanding teams of the client during their time they spend in the office, was initiated. This flexible working environment, which focuses on “using the office when one feels productive” reflects positively on employee satisfaction. With the rate of personnel usage, areas have emerged where spatial uses can be diversified. These areas have been diversified with a round meeting table and a seating area where quick team meetings can be held.

Together with the private rooms for partners and related service areas, a compact working arrangement was established within 180,00 sqm by taking consideration many aspects of the working habits of the client.

-Project description and images provided by pRchitect


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