A Turkish Brand in Germany’s Industrial City: Studio Vertebra

Project: Studio Vertebra’s Office
Architects: Studio Vertebra
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Photographs by: Courtesy of Studio Vertebra

Studio Vertebra’s Office in Stuttgart

Studio Vertebra which incorporates “design and implementation” power into its overseas ventures as well as its architectural concepts in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, has recently opened its new office in Stuttgart, Germany.

Studio Vertebra, which has realized boutique and large scale architectural, interior design and restoration projects with a timeless design language since 2009, takes a principled step to the European continent. The company which opened an office in Stuttgart, Germany, is incorporation “design & build” power to its architectural projects realized in Turkey, Middle East, Africa, and Middle Asia with its office in Stuttgart.

Founded in 2009 as an architectural design office with four partners, Studio Vertebra carries out “multi-disciplinary” works in the fields of architecture, interior design and antiquity project services. Taking a “holistic” approach by considering urban, architectural and interior design factors in its projects, Studio Vertebra stays away from individual opinions in the design process and contributes to the development of the process with all the designers in the team. The demands of the employer are considered as a very important factor in the design and the employer is seen as a part of the team. This “multi-input” approach becomes an extension of the “complete” project approach.

Vertebra, starting with high-scale urban arrangements and working with all architectural structures of different types and scales, formulates its projects in boutique and point scales according to the qualities of the space.

The office, which takes cultural and sociological phenomena of geographies as the starting point in its design approaches, realizes its product output with a signature that renews itself and continues its development trend. Studio Vertebra, which renders services to many domestic and international institutions in the areas of architecture, interior design and restoration, aims to initiate new interdisciplinary dialogues by maintaining its physical presence in the global arena along with the European continent.

-Project description and images provided by Studio Vertebra


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