A Strong Presentation of Space: Mercedes Benz AMG Digital Showroom

Project: Mercedes Benz AMG Digital Showroom
Architects: Boytorun Architects
Location: Etiler, Istanbul, Turkey
Photographs by: Gurkan Akay

Mercedes Benz AMG Digital Showroom by Boytorun Architects

The Etiler neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey has received a luxurious update to its commercial architecture scene with the new Mercedes Benz AMG Digital Showroom designed by Boytorun ArchitectsIt is a design that contains the synchronic work of multiple disciplines, making a strong impact in a small area. Besides its magnificent, modern look, the new showroom has been designed to keep operating costs to a minimum with a few smart applications of existing technology.

Mercedes Benz AMG Digital Showroom built in Istanbul, Etiler has been designed by Boytorun Architects to make a significant impact in a small area as a “strong presentation of space”. The indoor working areas have been designed in line with the utmost life/working quality without interrupting the connection with the day light and fresh air. This approach has also been adapted in practice by Boytorun Architects and except for the exhibition areas, LED lights have been used together with the day light with the target of minimizing mechanical heating/cooling/ventilation costs and operating expenses.

The use of natural and sustainable materials such as stone and wood has been given priority and a sustainable project with low operating expenses has been targeted which is sensitive to the existing building and the natural environment the venue is located in.

In the details; the target was to bring all these primary disciplines together in a correct manner and for them to be integrated with each other so as to achieve the desired outlook and dynamics and last but not least, to achieve the desired output. Boytorun Architects also targeted that the impression the building will give both at night and during the day is alluring for the new brand of the employer but at the same time not flamboyant.

Boytorun Architects created a second layer on the building facade in order to control the daylight. A second facade system has been designed for this purpose also matching up with the brand corporate identity, with plates, which give the impression of metal mesh within a frame with special dimensions, cut in special sizes and given a form.

For the purpose of improving acoustic comfort on the walls and the ceilings, appropriate materials have been proposed and the relevant details have been prepared. Also, the materials were selected with non-flammability classifications which are appropriate for intensely used work spaces.

Thanks to the technological infrastructure that was set up, tool configurators have been integrated to the project, which speed up the sales to ensure that the business targets are met. Thus, connection was ensured from the building to the global server of the brand and updates can be received with real time data flow.

As a whole, thanks to the synchronic work of the primary disciplines with the sub-disciplines during the architectural design phase, a project was realized where the business targets can be met and the user experience will be smooth.

-Project description provided by Boytorun Architects


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