A Picnic Table for the Garden

When we talk about garden furniture, we often see a nice table with comfortable armchairsAnd it’s nice to see that the plastic garden furniture is no longer so frequent! Today, we stay in the world of the garden but we change the atmosphere. We’re going to talk about a picnic table. We will tell you where to buy a picnic table and we will see among other things how to maintain it or how to choose it.


There are different criteria to take into account when you want to buy a picnic table for the garden:

  • Size
    The first thing to pay attention to when choosing a picnic table is size. The most common models are 3 sizes. Child size (not a joke!), The table for 4 to 6 people and table 6) 8 people. Besides the picnic table for children, the choice of the number of people and therefore the size will depend on the size of your garden and the number of people at the table generally. If you often receive people, it is better to choose a larger model that can accommodate up to 8 people.
  • The materials
    In our opinion, the picnic table is essentially made of wood, which shows the choice we made for the shopping selection. There are models that combine wood and metal and even plastic picnic tables. This last model is practical when you want to move it since it is often foldable. The choice of materials is important because it is garden furniture, so it must be treated against the weather. Most of the wooden picnic tables sold in stores are processed.
  • The shape
    The standard shape of a picnic table is rectangular but there are more user-friendly round models.
  • With or without integrated benches?
    we think the benches built into the table are part of the stereotype of the picnic table. This is what makes it so special. However, there are models with separate benches, which makes it easier to sit.









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Author: Renata Kralevska


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