A Creative Sports Venue in Istanbul by Beril Khalaf Interiors: 7.15 GYM

Project: 7.15 GYM
Architects: Beril Khalaf Interiors
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 1,130 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Beril Khalaf Interiors

7.15 GYM by Beril Khalaf Interiors

7.15 GYM sports venue was designed by Istanbul-based Beril Khalaf Interiors by creating a raw structure and using sustainable design elements with the aim of long-lasting use.

7.15 GYM has been started with the desire for a combination of online streaming, private workout sessions and a gym space that emerged after three close friends who wanted to share their lifestyle, through workouts, and trainings for a long time and turn it into a business, started as an online platform streaming live sessions and providing workout classes and private sessions from different areas in Turkey, such as public parks and house backyards, and then made their way to a brick and mortar presence, the design idea was shaped based on the connection between the three close friends.

What inspired this design idea was the fact that the owners are three close friends, therefore the design was focused on the number three as a starting point for the desired design. Beril Khalaf Interiors was aimed to create a different shooting scene for the trainers in every perspective of the interior. Rather than a classical gym, this area has been designed as a performance stage with a studio concept where every spot could be used for shootings. Textures, colors, and lighting elements was chosen for project suitable for both this idea of streaming and the brand identity.

Perspective mirrors were installed on the walls all around to expand this small space and to create an infinite number of human figures with a single person. The designer created a corner that supports the idea of the trio friends, set out with the concept of generating force, creating layers with different textures but standing as one, emphasizing the number three.

Beril Khalaf Interiors has used and installed concrete-colored decorative plaster throughout the walls to make the interior look unoccupied and raw. Epoxy was used for the floor and rubber flooring was installed for the workout area for durability, comfort, and control while working out. At the entrance, Beril Khalaf Interiors designed a small area to showcase the merch as a small corner shop within the gym space. In addition to the shop, the lockers area was designed the same as the identity of the brand, where people can lock their belongings while being in a class session.

On the mezzanine floor, there are two shower areas, one restroom, and an office space. In the office space, there is a seating area where the trainers can relax and break between workouts, a small kitchen area and a meeting table. In general, the design idea is to create a raw structure, to nurture this space with sustainable design pieces, making it usable for years as the main hub of the newly created brand.

A combination of a performance stage and a filming studio made for streaming and private workout sessions designed based on the concept of three close friends in raw materials, therefore the stage area has three angles for shooting a video with different lighting spots and backgrounds for every position. This space has an area to display the brand merch as well as a locker section designed based on the brand identity, an actual gym amenities included, along with a breakroom office meeting area for the trainers.

-Project description and images provided by Beril Khalaf Interiors


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