A Community-Inspired Workplace design for Evergent’s New Office

Project: Evergent’s New Office
Architects: Zyeta
Location: Hyderabad, India
Photographs by: Anand

Evergent’s New Office by Zyeta

Evergent is a leading provider of revenue and customer management solutions for the Digital Economy. With their new office in Hyderabad, India; they wanted Team Zyeta to create a workplace that is innovative and inspiring. This resulted in an office design that is a fresh take on new-age-workplaces, where flexibility and collaboration play the key roles.

The design layout comprises of multiple work-environments with meeting rooms, service core, and community spaces. The entire workplace design allows each employee to have ample room to move freely and to work without any interruption. The open work culture of the organization reflects in the design structure that promotes employee engagement and collaboration. The office’s prime location is smartly-utilized to distribute a uniform natural light and an incredible view throughout the office. These factors enhance the well-being aspect of the design concept, which is complemented by biophilic design elements. To maintain smooth traffic movement inside the office; there’s easy access to the meeting rooms and collab areas from the work desks.

The employee engagement spaces and neighborhood spaces are designed to inspire creativity; enjoyment and interactivity among the employees throughout the day, helping them inculcate a vibe of stress-free working.

-Project design and description provided by Zyeta


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