A Bathroom Remodel Guide

Is your bathroom in serious need of a makeover? Perhaps you have just moved into a new house and the bathroom(s) are one negative thing about the house. Maybe you just feel like your bathroom could use a few updates. Whatever the matter, here are 7 ways as to how your bathroom can look amazing and the exact way you want it to be.


  • The first thing you want to think about is the best flushing toilet. What is a bathroom without a toilet? Your toilet may be one of the bad things about your current bathroom, but it can very easily be fixed. Even if you think your current toilet is fine, pay close attention. There are a lot of different options of new toilets. When buying a new toilet, a few ideas need to be thought of; comfort for the user, a good and fast flushing system, doesn’t waste a lot of water and finally it should be easy to use and clean. If any of these points are not available with your current toilet, then it means you should really be considering getting a new one. Remember, you are buying the toilet for YOU, and therefore it needs to be comfortable for YOU. It’s a personal and private thing.

Bath and Shower

  • The second most important thing is the bath and/or shower. You may be the kind of person who needs a nice, hot, bubbly bath after a stressful day’s work. Or you may be the kind of person who just takes a quick shower once or twice a day. Maybe you’re both. It is completely your choice when it comes to choosing a bath and/or shower. It has to fit in with your lifestyle. It, like the toilet, must be comfortable, easy to use etc. It is a little more expensive to get a bath and shower installed, so be sure if you need a new one.


  • Next, you want to consider your sink and sink area (i.e. mirror). This is a crucial part to the bathroom too, as people want to wash their hands in a clean sink. If you want to sell your home in future, and people see a mouldy small white sink, they’ll run in the other direction. That is another reason why it’s important to have a clean, good-looking bathroom; so it sells.

Walls, floors and ceiling

  • Next comes the tiles/walls and floors. Bathroom walls, floor and ceiling are very important. You could have the best furniture in the world yet have it in a hut made of mud. You also don’t have to go overboard with tiles, just something simple and cheap that looks appealing. They need to be easily cleanable too, and obviously need to match the toilet and bath/shower. That is why white, or grey are the best options, as it’s not too risky with multiple colours, which may in theory look nice, but in reality, look bad.


  • After that comes natural and electrical light. Through the day, you want plenty of natural light into your kitchen or living room, so why should a bathroom be any different? It needs natural light not just to save money on electricity, but also because it becomes more appealing and attractive to home buyers. To get good natural light, you need to make it open with a accurately placed window to capture a lot of sunlight. As well as natural light, you need good electrical light in your bathroom. You can’t just have a bulb dangling down from a wire, as that isn’t attractive. Your best bet is to get multiple bulbs put into the ceiling, so they don’t stick out from the ceiling, as they’re more hidden. This has a psychological effect on people to make them think the bathroom is bigger than it seems.


  • The final thing you need to worry about when it comes to remodelling your bathroom is the cost it will be. You need to buy what you can, not leaving yourself bankrupt. Only remodel if you can afford to. It is possible to take out small loans to remodel your bathroom, and so in that case just make sure that you are able to pay it back over time. It’s not the end of the world if you’re unable to splash some cash into your bathroom; if you work hard and save up then you can afford to do it.

Planning Permission

  • Planning permission is rarely required for remodelling a bathroom and also for installing one, unless your house is a listed building, you should contact your local planning authority. If you are unable to contact them, you can also read here. It usually doesn’t affect the value of your house whether you have it or not, but is important you check if you need it

Overall, how you remodel your bathroom is completely up to you. Using the ideas mentioned here, you should be able to create the best bathroom for you personally. But just remember, you may want to sell your home in future, and it must look appealing to others too.


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