9 Luxury Sofa Sets That Will Transform Your Dubai Living Room To Small Heaven

1. Eclair Modular Sofa Set

Eclair Modular Sofa Set draws inspiration from the design of a high-performance sports car. It features sleek, curvaceous lines reminiscent of a car’s body, exuding a sense of dynamism and speed. The Eclair sofa is predominantly designed in monochrome or dual tones, emphasizing a clean and simple aesthetic. Crafted from premium leather or materials akin to those used in automotive seats, it offers both comfort and durability.

One of its distinctive characteristics is its modular design. Each sofa unit stands relatively independently, allowing effortless combination and assembly to create various shapes and sizes. These units might include curved, straight, or a fusion of both, catering to diverse spatial requirements. They can be arranged in configurations like L-shaped, U-shaped, S-shaped, and more, enabling users to arrange them as desired and adapt to changing spaces.

The seats and backrests adopt a low-profile design, resembling the seats of a sports car while providing comfortable support and a relaxed sitting posture. Adjustable headrests or cushions might also be included, enhancing comfort and offering personalized experiences.

Additionally, the sofa could come equipped with concealed armrest compartments or storage spaces, mirroring the interior design of automobiles, thus enhancing its functionality. Overall, this sofa not only serves as comfortable furniture but also as a statement piece, highlighting modern, chic, and dynamic design aesthetics.

2. Indigo Sofa Set

The Indigo sofa is a modern, modular design consisting of two main modules. Firstly, it offers versatility, allowing free arrangement and adjustment as needed. Each module has distinct shapes and functions, creating a diverse sofa system.

Its appearance could be sleek and stylish, employing soft neutral tones or bold, vibrant colors, complementing contemporary home décor.

3. Morgan Collection

The Morgan Collection generously sized and plush seating of this sofa invites you to relish casual family moments at any time. Crafted with top grain leather, it offers a luxurious feel and exceptional comfort, enhancing the experience of shared relaxation and conviviality within the household.

The expansive and soft seat of this sofa serves as a welcoming haven for unwinding after a long day, facilitating a cozy and intimate atmosphere perfect for bonding with loved ones. Whether it’s lounging during movie nights, engaging in heartfelt conversations, or simply embracing leisurely moments, this sofa provides the perfect setting for enjoying cherished family time.

The use of top grain leather not only guarantees durability but also evokes a sense of opulence and luxury. The supple texture and refined finish of this premium leather add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the sofa, elevating its aesthetic appeal and ensuring a delightful tactile experience.

With its luxurious top grain leather construction and spacious, inviting seating, this Morgan sofa is more than just furniture—it becomes the focal point for creating treasured family memories and fostering a cozy, relaxed environment for every member of the household.

4. The Soleih Sofa set

The Soleih Sofa set is designed with round shape, which is a unique and inviting piece of furniture that typically features a circular or curved design. It’s crafted to encircle its users, providing a cozy and communal seating arrangement.

The round shaped sofa is modern design and are upholstered in soft fabrics to enhance their comfort. It’s been also designed with a continuous, curved seating surface, while others consist of sectional pieces that form a circular configuration when assembled together.

Overall, a round-shaped sofa adds an element of style, versatility, and comfort to any living space

5. Oasis Sofa Collection

Inspirations of Oasis Sofa design.A green leather sofa brings a lively and inviting atmosphere to a room through its color choice, versatility in various design schemes, and the luxurious yet durable nature of leather upholstery. Its presence transforms the ambiance, making it suitable for a wide range of interior spaces.

6. Nest Sofa Collection

The Nest Soft is designed with Nubuck leather .Nubuck leather sofas exude sophistication with their velvety texture and sumptuous appearance. Crafted from top-grain leather, they boast a soft, suede-like surface that invites touch, offering a combination of durability and opulence. The natural grain of the leather is gently sanded to achieve the velvety finish, creating a subtle sheen that adds depth to its overall aesthetic. The tactile sensation of running your hand over the surface reveals a buttery smoothness, making it a delightful experience to lounge upon. Nubuck leather, with its refined yet inviting appeal, elevates any space, promising both comfort and timeless style.

7. Vis a Vis Sofa Set

The back-to-back design separates the sides of the sofa, offering individuals sitting on it a sense of privacy and space. This layout ensures a more comfortable seating experience, avoiding a cramped or crowded feeling as each person has their own space.

8. Liberty Two Seater Sofa

The flanging process of the sofa along with the large and soft seat enable you to enjoy a casual family life at any time. The beauty of the liberty two seater collection lies in its flexible customization options, offering various sizes and materials to suit individual preferences and needs.

9. Liberty 5 Seater Sofa Collection

Vertical crimping is a method used to enhance the solidity and delicacy of a product’s structure by creating vertical ridges or creases. This technique can provide added strength and aesthetic appeal to various items, especially in materials like fabric and leather.

On the other hand, a modular design for Liberty sofa set refers to creating products or systems with interchangeable components that can be combined in different configurations. This approach allows for flexibility in meeting diverse space requirements or adapting to various needs without a complete redesign. It’s commonly used in furniture, architecture, technology, and other industries to offer customizable solutions.

Combining vertical crimping with a modular design approach could lead to products that are not only structurally robust but also adaptable to different spaces and purposes

Sofa Sets are an essential part of any home. You can find all of the above luxury sofa sets in LaMaisonaire Showroom in Dubai. Pay them a visit and most likely you’ll find a sofa set that matches your taste


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